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Top ways for cyber students to socialize outside the classroom

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CCA students have an abundance of social and educational opportunities available to them.

There is a common misconception that students who attend public cyber charter schools do not have the same socialization opportunities as those who attend a traditional public school. The truth is something very different.

As vice president of the Family Services Department at CCA and a parent of public cyber charter students, Natasha Shane has seen firsthand just how many opportunities cyber students have to socialize and participate in activities.

“It is interesting that after 15 years, some people still have the misconception that cyber students don’t have the opportunity to socialize,” Shane said. “But that could not be further from the truth. In many cases, cyber students probably have more opportunities for appropriate socialization than your typical brick-and-mortar students.”

In addition to working with peers in a virtual classroom, cyber students have a wealth of opportunities to socialize before, during and after school. A flexible class schedule, combined with a broad range of clubs offered through cyber schools, like CCA, allows students to pursue more of their passions outside the classroom.

Here are some of the ways that public cyber charter school students at CCA take advantage of the many social and educational opportunities available to them.

  • Field trips: Many public cyber charter schools offer field trips, which allow students to have hands-on learning experiences while interacting and working with classmates. CCA offers more than 500 field trips throughout the school year, providing opportunities for teachers to reinforce learning objectives while students make friends with their peers from across Pennsylvania. A sampling of the trips include science experiments, career exploration, historical site visits, opportunities to observe surgical procedures, rock climbing and kayaking.
  • Sports: The ability to access schoolwork anywhere and anytime via the internet allows students to meet the travel and time demands of competitive athletics.
  • Internships: It’s always a good time to look toward the future, and internships allow students to explore career opportunities to prepare them for life after graduation. A flexible class schedule lets students commit to job-shadowing opportunities, and some have even started their own business. As Shane says, “CCA’s innovative programs department typically creates these opportunities on an individual basis, so they work directly with students to create job-shadowing and internship experiences based on their strengths and interests.”
  • Career exploration events: An excellent way for students to dive deeper into a potential field is through career-exploration events, which give students a chance to identify areas of interest in which they may want to pursue. CCA provides students with many opportunities to explore careers, which will better prepare them to find an internship designed specifically for their interests and needs.

A public cyber charter school education allows students to tailor their schedules to fit their needs and interests, while providing them with opportunities to socialize with friends and prepare them for life after graduation. CCA helps provide students with the high-quality education they deserve.


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November 26th, 2019


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