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How Does CCA Provide a Quality Education to Students?

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    How Does CCA Provide a Quality Education to Students?

    How Does CCA Provide a Quality Education to Students?

    Commonwealth Charter Academy has been delivering students a dynamic education in a flexible environment for more than 20 years. As a public online charter school, we get a lot of questions about how we provide our students with the education they deserve and need to succeed.

    If you’re considering enrolling your child in our unique school, we understand you might have some questions. Take a look at our answers to discover how we deliver our students a unique learning experience and valuable support to each CCA learner and family.

    Curriculum Aligned With State and National Standards

    Commonwealth Charter Academy is fully accredited. Middle States Association (MSA) Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools recognizes CCA as a quality institution and validates the value of our education. The MSA reviews institutions through 12 areas rather than only grades and scores before awarding accreditation. These areas are:

    1. Mission: Our mission to deliver personalized learning experiences demonstrates consistency with the community’s ethical norms and respects students of every race, creed, and culture.
    2. Governance and leadership: We’ve exhibited that our governing body acts ethically and consistently to ensure an atmosphere of respect.
    3. School improvement planning: CCA has developed a strategic plan for improvement and growth and implemented activities for professional staff development.
    4. Finances: CCA follows accepted accounting principles and budgeting to obtain funding to be financially stable and remain so for the foreseeable future.
    5. Facilities: Our facilities are clean, well-maintained, and safe. They are appropriate for supporting our mission and delivering our academic program.
    6. School organization and staff: Our accreditation demonstrates that our staff members are qualified to administer and teach their programs.
    7. Health and safety: Our learning environment is healthy, orderly, and safe for teaching and learning.
    8. Educational program: CCA’s accreditation exemplifies our educational program as carefully planned and well-executed.
    9. Assessment and evidence of student learning: Our online program for assessing learning and performance is consistent with our mission.
    10. Student services: CCA has exhibited that we’ve provided appropriate and effective services that support student learning and aid in achieving our mission.
    11. Student life and activities: CCA provides nondiscriminatory experiences, including those that foster health and wellness and social, intellectual, and cultural growth.
    12. Information services: Our resources are available for faculty and students to expand their knowledge and broaden their skills.

    State-Certified Teachers Trained in Virtual Learning

    CCA hires state-certified teachers who are trained in virtual learning so we can deliver our students the high-quality online education they deserve. Many CCA students and families build strong relationships with their school teachers because our instructors are motivated by the opportunity to work with a diverse group of students.

    Our teachers take the time to get to know each student to identify their interests, strengths, weaknesses, skills, and learning styles. Our instructors use this information to craft personalized approaches to education for each student. They help learners choose the quality online courses that will lead them toward their goals and help them gain the experiences they need to succeed.

    Flexible Scheduling

    One of the best online education benefits is flexible scheduling. At CCA, students and families can craft daily routines that best motivate the student and encourage them to be the most focused and productive. Our learners can attend class in real-time, watch lesson videos, engage in independent studies, and participate in field trips and other learning experiences that lead students down their personal learning paths.

    When a student is unable to attend a live class session, they can watch the recording when it’s most convenient for them. This makes planning doctor appointments, sports practices, music lessons, starting a job, picking up a hobby, and other extracurricular activities much easier. Students can revisit lessons before a big exam and take extra time to study when needed so they always feel prepared.

    Opportunities for Socialization

    Opportunities for Socialization

    Online learning experiences at CCA don’t start and stop at home. We provide many socialization opportunities, including over 900 field trips, workshops, internships, and clubs for our students. Our students can collaborate with peers and interact with new ideas through many social events and activities. Additionally, cyber students can play sports and participate in any extracurricular activities your local school district offers, so your child can pursue every interest they want to follow.

    CCA refreshes our club offerings each year to reflect students’ ever-changing interests and easily implement new activities. Over the past few years, our students have visited zoos, zip line courses, trampoline parks, and more during field trips. For even more socialization, your child can visit a fully-equipped mobile classroom, where they can experience hands-on activities and meet up with classmates to socialize and complete projects.

    Personalized Support for Students

    People often believe online classes are harder than in-person classes, but this is not the case. In fact, students can get tons of extra support and learn valuable time management skills from enrolling online. Students enrolled in online education develop a greater sense of responsibility for their studies, and at CCA, our students receive tons of support to help them reach success.

    CCA invites family members to become learning coaches for their students. Learning coaches communicate with teachers and create a strong team for the student to turn toward for advice and support. Additionally, students can request tutoring sessions, message instructorswith questions at any time, and connect with resources during and after hours, making it easier than ever to gain the support they need.

    Preparing Students for Future Careers

    The quality of online education is unmatched when preparing students for their future careers. In brick-and-mortar institutions, students can only take the courses the teachers from the area are certified to teach. Online education allows students to connect with teachers from all over the state and choose from a much more comprehensive range of classes.

    Career training is an essential component of the CCA experience, and we begin success planning and career exploration from the very beginning of each student’s academic journey. Whether your child chooses to attend higher education, enter the military, or jump straight into the workforce, CCA has the resources and assistance they need to get there.

    Learn More About CCA’s Values

    Commonwealth Charter Academy is committed to serving students and families with a unique academic program and an environment that fosters curiosity, exploration, and a love for learning. We think differently about education and want to unlock your child’s passion for learning.

    We’ve been leading the way for virtual education in Pennsylvania since 2003, so we’ve had plenty of time to refine our mission to ensure each student succeeds during school and beyond. We believe in meeting students where they are, so each gets the assistance they need and can learn in an environment that supports their learning styles and goals.

    Our education motivates students to engage in a lifetime of achievement. Learn more about CCA’s values to discover how we can deliver a high-quality online education to your child, or contact us for more information.

    Learn More About CCA's Values


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