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10 Family Activities to Do in Pittsburgh

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    10 Family Activities to Do in Pittsburgh

    Family activities to do in Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh is a city teeming with life and history. With dozens of museums, historical sites, and art centers, you’re guaranteed to find an enriching, entertaining activity for your family to enjoy. These trips are essential for promoting your kids’ growth and development.

    Family field trips improve kids’ motor skills, expand their knowledge, and expose them to new and engaging concepts that broaden their horizons. Taking them to different activities encourages a growth mindset and provides the perfect family-bonding trip for everyone. If you’re looking for things to do in Pittsburgh, we have some of the best spots for you to visit.

    1. Carnegie Museum of Natural History

    Andrew Carnegie was a famous steel manufacturer who spent much of his youth in Pittsburgh. A titan of the industrial age, he gave much of his wealth to foundations and charities after his death. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History was named after Carnegie, who donated its building.

    Located on the East End, the museum boasts many artifacts and natural specimens. One of the highlights is its dinosaur collection — the museum has over 230 objects on display in its massive “Dinosaurs in Their Time” exhibit. Kids can view exhibits on Native American artifacts, minerals and gems, American and African wildlife, botany, Ancient Egyptian artifacts, and more.

    The museum is for all ages — enjoy exploring with your kids and discovering natural history for yourself during a fun family trip to Pittsburgh.

    2. Carnegie Science Center

    Another building in the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, this four-floor science center is an extremely popular trip for kids. The museum is filled with interactive exhibits designed to show kids the wonders of science and technology. Kids can learn more about the life of an astronaut in the SpacePlace or burn off their limitless energy at Highmark SportsWorks®.

    In addition, there’s a miniature railroad section, a block-building engineering zone, and a robot Hall of Fame. Explore exciting interactive science with the exhibits at the Carnegie Science Center.

    3. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

    Another location founded by a steel industrialist, the Phipps Conservatory is a gorgeous 14-room conservatory. You and your kids can walk through 23 lush gardens and take in all the beauty of nature. The arboretum hosts regular events like holiday shows, so there’s always something new to see as you visit the gardens. They also offer classes like the Kids Plant Club, where children can learn about horticulture and get hands-on experience with plants.

    4. Senator John Heinz History Center

    The History Center features a glimpse into the unique history of Western Pennsylvania. Kids can learn about slavery, World War II, and the British, French, and Indian Wars through the museum’s rich history exhibits. The “From Slavery to Freedom” exhibits African artifacts, hardware from slavery, original art, interactive activities, and close to 60 manumission, indenture, and freedom papers. This exhibit covers the area’s history of slavery, anti-slavery movements, the Civil Rights movement, and more, providing essential context for any children who want to know more about the nation’s history.

    Other unique exhibits focus on the iconic “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” Pittsburgh innovations, and even Heinz ketchup. Kids will love learning about Pennsylvania’s past and can get even more hands-on history with the Discovery Place and Kidsburgh — two kid-focused interactive areas in the History Center.

    5. The Mattress Factory

    The Mattress Factory is a contemporary art museum housed in what was once a mattress factory. The museum is not interactive — you’ll want to bring high schoolers to this modern art exhibit. The museum showcases experimental performances, installations, and video art designed to make you think about what art is and how you can push its limits through alternative art forms. Its exhibits constantly change, so check out its site for updated information on its current pieces.

    Visiting the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh is a good family activity

    6. Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

    Speaking of fun activities in Pittsburgh, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburg is an interactive museum that enriches your kids’ knowledge and hands-on experience with education. Children are encouraged to experiment and use all their senses as they explore every section of the museum.

    The backyard, garden, and waterplay sections teach children about the outdoors. They can use their tactile senses to discover how water feels, moves, and flows as they manipulate it. The garden offers kids samples of herbs, berries, fruits, and vegetables grown right at the museum.

    For engaging motor skills, show your kids the garage, studio, and makeshop® exhibits. The garage features climbing, bouncing, and spinning materials and a racetrack so kids can see physics in action. The studio teaches them to unleash their inner creativity with the arts. Finally, kids can dabble in circuitry, sculpting, stop-motion animation, textile-making, and woodworking in the makeshop®. Provide children with new and exciting sensory experiences with this interactive museum.

    7. Frick House

    The Frick House, or Clayton mansion, is a gorgeous mansion-turned-museum. Once home to industrialist Henry Clay Frick, it’s now part of The Frick Pittsburgh — a collection of museums grouped together on one extensive grounds. Tour the restored 23-room mansion and learn about the famous Frick family and the Gilded Age. That’s not all — The Frick Pittsburgh offers visitors a look at the carefully curated greenhouse and gardens.

    Also in The Frick Pittsburgh is the Car and Carriage Museum. Featuring horse-drawn and horseless carriages of the early 20th Century, you and your kids can check out vintage automobiles and learn about Pittsburgh’s role in their development. Finally, stop by the Frick Art Museum to explore the family’s collection of priceless porcelain, sculptures, and paintings.

    8. The Andy Warhol Museum

    This seen-story museum is a showcase of the brilliant, highly-influential works of Pittsburgh native Andy Warhol. Bring your kids to see the art and dive into the museum’s fun interactive exhibits. They’ll love the tactile reproductions and self-starring short films, among other features they can engage with while visiting. Additionally, your kids will love joining the weekend Pop Art Pop Up, where they can make their own pop art for free.

    9. The National Aviary

    If your kids love birds, you can’t miss the National Aviary. The aviary is home to over 100 bird species, including several threatened or endangered species you can only see at the facility. Kids can view bird feedings, experience live animal encounters, and learn about biodiversity at this incredible aviary.

    10. Kennywood Amusement Park

    Kennywood is a National Historic Landmark featuring some of the world’s oldest coasters. Enjoy a day of family fun at one of the most thrilling places to visit in Pittsburgh with the many attractions, events, and shows at this historic amusement park. With a combination of old and modern coasters, kids of all ages can experience the joys of amusement rides.

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