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Charter Schools vs. Montessori Schools

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    Charter Schools vs. Montessori Schools

    Charter Schools vs. Montessori Schools

    Getting a quality education is essential to a child’s development. With so many public and private schooling options, how do you decide what is best for your child? You want to ensure they receive enough teacher attention and support to promote growth without putting them in a stressful, inflexible environment. Two alternative options to traditional education are charter and Montessori schools. We’ll explore the Montessori school vs. charter school system to help you decide which option is best for your child’s education.

    What Is a Montessori School?

    Montessori schools follow the Montessori Method, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. This method is based on the philosophy that children-led schooling allows students to grow and learn at their own pace, improving their performance and development.

    There are private and public Montessori schools, although most are private due to the intensive training required for instructors and the durable, unique tools necessary for the Montessori teaching style. Unlike other school systems, private schools are not publicly funded and do not have to follow state and federal education regulations.

    To support their educational philosophies, Montessori schools adopt a nontraditional approach to classroom instruction. This approach might look like this:

    • Nontraditional grading systems
    • Teachers going from group to group instead of teaching at the front of the classroom
    • Activity stations for children to choose from

    What Is a Charter School?

    Charter schools are publicly funded schools managed and run by private organizations. They are different from private schools because they must follow state educational standards, take state achievement tests, and follow regulatory laws around background checks, special education, civil rights, and more.

    This public-private funding model allows charter schools to adhere to state standards while providing their students with a more flexible, tailored education than traditional public schools. Charter schools allow parents and teachers to have more control over their students’ curricula, creating more individualized instruction than public schools can offer.

    There are some Montessori charter schools that work to integrate Montessori-style learning while following public school regulations and without charging standard tuition. These schools might have some curriculum- and activity-related fees but are primarily free for parents and students.

    The Benefits of Charter Schools

    With both schools practicing more individualized learning, how do you decide which is best for your child’s education? You should compare charter vs. Montessori schools to find the right fit for your family. Here are some of the benefits of a charter school education:

    Learning Process

    Charter school teachers assign work, review student progress, contact parents, educate students, and more. They operate like traditional teachers — providing students with lessons, assignments, and feedback. They help charter school students master their academic material while meeting state and federal standards for learning.

    While online charter schools don’t have the same in-classroom experience, students benefit from the flexible online platform. Charter schools’ personalized learning plans and online format allow students and parents to interact with teachers more frequently, getting the assistance or challenges they need. Traditional public schoolscannot devote the same resources and attention to their students — they follow rigid, fixed schedules and cannot spend as much time to working with students individually to ensure they succeed.

    Montessori elementary schools take a child-led approach to the learning process. Students move through various educational activities set up by teachers. This method emphasizes independence and self-motivation — students don’t move on to the next subject until they feel ready or motivated. Teachers here provide guided activities and frameworks for children to learn from, teaching them at their own pace and encouraging them to explore the subjects they want.

    However, without a more structured environment, children might not receive the support on each subject or the learning plan they need. By creating a lesson plan around each child, charter schools are more effective at cultivating their interests while directing them towards necessary skills.


    Public charter schools do not cost families anything to attend. They’re funded by public systems and the private organizations that run them, so students can attend regardless of their family’s income level. Children can participate in cyber charter schools with a flexible schedule and personalized curriculum without paying extra to attend a private school.

    Most Montessori schools are private and therefore cost money. If students want to attend these schools, they’ll need scholarships or several thousand dollars to attend. There are a few publicly funded Montessori schools, but most Montessori schools are private and require tuition.


    While charter schools are publicly funded, they have much more freedom than traditional schools. Without the red tape of standard public education, charter schools can focus more on implementing the best education and strategies for their students. They can use more resources to help students achieve high levels of academic success.

    Along with more room for academic resources, charter schools’ increased flexibility allows them to specialize in more specific areas like technology, art, science, or music. This enables students’ personalized lesson plans to reflect their interests and preferred careers, setting them up for success after graduation and beyond.

    Cyber Charter School Advantages

    Cyber Charter School Advantages

    Cyber charter schools’ unique public and private operation gives them many advantages over other educational facilities. Their online format lets them be much more cutting-edge with programming and teaching than traditional schools.

    Unlike Montessori schools, which are in-person, online charter schools allow students and parents greater educational flexibility. The online format provides students with easy access to their education, accommodating their needs and giving them more control over their schedule.

    Additionally, the cyber charter format makes these schools highly effective at promoting student-centered learning. Online teachers provide the framework, coursework, and instruction, but everything is personalized around the student’s pace and interests. This helps foster independence and confidence since students at cyber charter schools are active participants in their education.

    Finally, the more customized charter school education allows students to engage with their interests while preparing for life after graduation — whatever their chosen path, they’ll have the skills and knowledge to succeed.

    Choosing Commonwealth Charter Academy

    At CCA, we prepare students for lifelong success. Our personalized learning plans are designed to unlock children’s passion for learning and help them realize their fullest potential. We’re dedicated to helping students grow and enrich themselves as they learn to succeed inside and outside of school. We strive to help students become leaders of the future — giving back to the world and developing their skills for a brighter future.

    Contact Us to Learn More Today

    Contact Us to Learn More Today

    Finding the best school for your child can be confusing — you want to provide them with the best education and support possible. At CCA, we’re dedicated to enriching the lives and minds of our students through flexible, personalized curricula. We’ll work with you to find the best course for your child’s unique needs.

    As an online public school, your child can experience cutting-edge educational systems from the comfort of their home — letting them work to their preferred schedule. Our format allows better, more personalized teacher feedback to help them achieve their fullest potential. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and operation.


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