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CCA student pursues his dream of playing baseball in college

Wayne Stewart Jr. of Philadelphia hopes to attend college on an athletic scholarship thanks to flexibility of CCA.

Ever since Yvonne Stewart can remember, her son, Wayne Stewart Jr., was an all-around athlete. From golf to bowling to rowing to basketball and baseball, Wayne has always had a knack for sports. Today, Wayne is a left-handed pitcher for the Philly Area Black Sox travel baseball team in Philadelphia. Their games have become a popular spot for college scouts looking to recruit him.

CCA is more flexible with his sports and looking for a part-time job,” Yvonne said. ”When he’s not in baseball season, he’s able to go to the YMCA and workout to prepare for when it is.

“Wayne is able to go to all of his practices at different times and not have to worry about rushing home from school like some other players do.”

Yvonne always knew her son was special. Beyond his athletic abilities, Wayne has always been an academic achiever, and since he was 4 months old, a loving helper for his mother who lives with multiple sclerosis.

“With his schedule being the way it is at CCA, it really works out that he can work at his own pace and be more of a help to me when he’s done with his schoolwork,” Yvonne said.

“When I need to go to the store, Wayne helps me break down my motor scooter and put it in the car for me,” she said. “When I wake up in pain, Wayne helps make me something for breakfast so I am able to take my medicine.”

Wayne joined the Black Sox last year and is a starting pitcher and first baseman.

“I love baseball because it is a very fun sport to me,” Wayne said. “And I’m blessed to have the talent to be able to play baseball.”

Ever since one of Wayne’s first tournaments with the Black Sox in North Carolina, he has been receiving emails and requests from college recruiters.

“There are a lot of colleges coming out that are interested in me, but I’m trying to take small steps because I want to find the right college,” Wayne said. “Besides baseball, I want to have a good educational environment. I’ve been looking at dual scholarship options to pair baseball and academics.”

“I’m praying that he will end up getting a scholarship that will help him go to college,” Yvonne said.

Because no family is the same, CCA provides the flexibility for families to fit school into their lives – not the other way around. For Wayne and his family, balancing baseball, academics and his mother’s health, Yvonne said CCA was a “win-win situation” for their family.

“I know he may not say it, but I know Wayne worries about me and my health,” she said. “I am so grateful that there is a school like CCA because it takes away the worry Wayne has,” she said. “CCA gives me peace of mind because with having MS, it’s easier for me to reach out to the teachers to get any extra help he might need.”


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July 25th, 2018


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