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CCA student: Cyber school is important education option for families

Fifth-grader Alyson Stauffer of Snyder County believes everyone should support and promote cyber schools.

“Is school closed today?” or “Shouldn’t you be in school today?” are two questions my brother, Zane, and I hear all the time when we are out grocery shopping or visiting the library during traditional school hours. My name is Alyson and I am a sixth-grader at CCA. My brother, Zane, is a fourth-grader at CCA. I am surprised how many people are still unaware of cyber schools, like CCA. I feel strongly that everyone should know about, support and promote cyber schools for three reasons.

First, everyone should know about cyber schools because they allow students to have a flexible schedule. When my Lyme disease symptoms were at their worst, my body required a lot of rest. Some days, I could only work a few hours before needing to break for the day. Other weeks, I needed to take an entire day off in the middle of the week to rest. Since I was a student at CCA, I had the flexibility to complete my weekly assignments. This gave my body the rest it needed to achieve healing. Although I needed flexibility for health reasons, other students at CCA use this flexibility follow their dreams in dance, acting, gymnastics or ice skating.

What a wonderful thing to be able to receive a good education, while pursuing your passion at the same time!

Second, cyber schools should be supported because teachers at cyber schools really get to know their students. Over the course of my six years at CCA, I can honestly say all of my teachers have made an effort to get to know me, as a person. Through live classrooms, field trips and phone calls, CCA teachers have taken a real interest in my interests, passions and dreams.

The interest and encouragement CCA teachers have taken in my love of writing has given great confidence to pursue my dream of writing my first chapter book before graduating from high school.

Finally, cyber schools should be promoted because all kids deserve a good education. Not every child lives in a safe neighborhood or in a good school district that can meet their educational needs.

School choice is important for students and families. Cyber schools like CCA bring a safe and good education to students no matter where they live in Pennsylvania.

Some students need extra academic support to help them learn. While other students need academic programs that will challenge them and strengthen their gifts and talents.

CCA has programs to help all students learn, thrive and receive ultimately obtain the education they deserve.

I continue to be amazed by the number of people who are unaware of the availability and accessibility of cyber schools. Cyber schools help meet the needs of all students by providing a flexible schedule, caring teachers that know their students and a good education in spite of a student’s location or ability.

I strongly believe everyone should support, encourage and promote cyber schools, like CCA.

 This blog post was written by Alyson Stauffer, a fifth-grade student at CCA. 


Commonwealth Charter Academy


March 11th, 2020


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