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Blossom – A Spring Playlist

By Natalie C.

In the midst of your annual spring cleaning? Taking a stroll through the park for the first time in months? Brighten up your budding routines and discover new favorite musicians with this Spring-themed playlist!
Note: Feel free to listen to these songs in the order I’ve provided or in any other order you choose!
#1: Butterfly by UMI
“Butterfly, butterfly/Take me on your wings and fly”
#2: Green Eyes by Arlo Parks
“But the weather puts you on my mind/Dragonfruit and peaches in the wine”
#3: Greenhouse by Miloe
“And we held it/In this greenhouse of ours”
#4: Spring by Ben Shi
“Talking to the flowers/Chatter with the trees”
#5: Idle Town by Conan Gray
“Springtime when the air is thin/We’re getting antsy and they’re noticing”
#6: Cloud Couch by Bittermilk
“Laying on a cloud I clearly see/Bird’s eye view of you and me”
#7: Line Without a Hook by Ricky Montgomery ft. mxmtoon
“It’s a curse, and it’s growing/You’re a pond, and I’m an ocean”
#8: Falling with the Rain by Claud ft. Shelly
“Perfect afternoon/Like the sky, I’m lookin’ blue”
#9: Roses by Claire Young
“Fill my empty heart with roses/Pluck the petals”
#10: Juno by b o b b i e!
“Wasting my day/Planting all your favorite flowers”




May 12th, 2021


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