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A Look Beneath

By Alivia M. (HS)

What is ugly?

Is it the opposite of beauty?

What defines beauty?

Because what if ugly to you is beauty to me?

One thing is not what we all see.

Is beauty perfection?

But what is perfection because it is one thing today and another tomorrow.

And the people they’re hyper fixated on flaws,

Never focused on meaning,

The rustle of the wind,

Never focused on the terror and strife to be seen in the world around,

Never hearing the cries of voices unheard,

But their fingers pitter patter on the screen,

They point out the “flaws” in the appearance of others or themselves,

Never do they question how these thought patterns of what a “flaw” is,

Never do they question why the worth of a human life is based upon a look or societal status.

They live by standards set for them,

Some fixate on drama,

Some fixate on feeding the ego,

You see some think they’re superior to others,

They do not see.

They do not see that there is beauty in both you and me,

Focused on all the wrong things,

Pain, terror, strife experienced by others unseen.

Their worth only measured by money, likes, a status, a look, and no one ever questions a thing.

If you’d only open your eyes maybe you’d see,

We are all beauty,

We are all just people searching for meaning,

We must ask questions rather than following in blind pursuit,

Every life should have the same worth,

We should all be able to look to each other in times of struggle,

A system is engrained in our bones and it remains undetected and unseen and the future won’t get much better if our eyes remain glued to a screen…




December 15th, 2020


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