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4 Rules for Safer Field Trips for Online Students

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    4 Rules for Safer Field Trips for Online Students

    4 rules for safer field trips for online students

    As an online school, our students at Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) have greater flexibility regarding field trips than students in traditional schools. We offer many educational field trips to enhance lessons and social outings for students to have fun while making new friends.

    While the experiences we provide through field trips are essential for growth, it is also vital for students to be safe on these trips as they learn or socialize. Students that practice unsafe behaviors may hurt themselves or negatively impact their learning. The following field trip safety guidelines will provide some do’s and don’ts during an educational tour to follow.

    Field trip safety guidelines

    1. Register in Advance

    If your student has an interest in attending any of CCA’s social and educational field trips, their parents or guardians must register in advance online before attending. By registering beforehand, CCA will have an accurate number of students attending the trip to plan accordingly. Payments are often required to participate in field trips, and CCA collects fees during the registration process to streamline procedures for families and coordinators.

    Registering in advance will also allow CCA to work with the field trip site to develop a full schedule of activities for the field trip. Because CCA does not have the time restraints of traditional classrooms, our students can stay at field trip locations longer to allow for deeper understanding.

    2. Complete Any Permission Forms on Time

    Before your child can attend a field trip, their family must sign our sanctioned program and event waiver form. This form is a general waiver that covers all events and activities for the school year. Once you sign this form, you won’t need to do it again for the rest of the school year.

    3. Make Sure You Have a Chaperone

    Families must choose one caretaker from their household to act as a chaperone for the educational and social field trips of students under 18. Having a chaperone present will keep your student safe throughout the entirety of their trip. Students can also attend a field trip with another CCA family if their primary caretaker provides written permission beforehand.

    Before you agree to be a chaperone for your student, you may want to learn what physical demands or time constraints the field trip will involve. You may need to walk long distances, climb stairs, and navigate spaces with limited cellular reception. When our field trips cover a wide variety of interests and activities, understanding the plan and activities can ensure you can participate and enjoy the trip with your child.

    4. Have Fun!

    At CCA, we love to schedule field trips that help to reinforce lessons, let students interact with their virtual classmates or learn about a potential new career. In addition to helping your child learn and grow, our field trips are fun! Give your student the gift of new experiences by letting them attend one of our many field trip opportunities.

    Reviewing Rules With Students and Parents Beforehand

    Before attending a field trip, students and parents must know the rules and expectations for the day. A successful field trip is a safe field trip, and knowing the rules will keep your student and others safe.

    Before attending the field trip, check with the site to see if they have any field trip rules for students to follow. Review these rules with your student and by yourself to ensure you both have a complete understanding of any expectations. If you have younger students, you may want to teach, model and review appropriate field trip safety rules for kids a week before the field trip to ensure they practice safe behaviors.

    As a chaperone, you will also need to follow the rules and practice safe behavior. Talk with your field trip coordinator to learn the schedule for the day so you can prepare for possible hazards. As a chaperone, you may have to be firm with your student throughout the day to prevent them from causing disruptions or interacting with potentially dangerous materials. Most importantly, staying positive throughout the day will help your student enjoy themselves while staying safe.

    Exploring CCA Field Trip Opportunities

    While CCA may be a cyber school, we offer many chances for students to gain real-world experiences away from their computer screens. Because our education programs are flexible, your child can attend field trips during the school day to allow for more educational opportunities outside the classroom.

    However, they will have class assignments online they must complete. If your student is interested in attending a field trip, your family is responsible for ensuring students complete their work on time. You should plan ahead to reschedule assignments for before and after the field trip.

    Educational Field Trips

    CCA schedules hundreds of educational field trips across Pennsylvania for our students each academic year. Many of these trips are of no cost to families and include activities in regions across the state so every student can attend. Our field trips include a variety of venues, such as historical sites and museums or a tour of a TV station to see what happens behind the camera.

    Each field trip corresponds with current course content, so your student has a chance for hands-on learning associated with what teachers are covering in class. Because CCA wants all our students to be college and career-ready, many field trips give students an inside look into future careers and professions they may wish to pursue.

    These educational field trips allow students to socialize with their peers while having fun learning new things. Our goal with each field trip is always to reinforce what your student is learning in their classroom.

    Social Field Trips

    All CCA students can also participate in just-for-fun field trips that allow them to socialize during fun, hands-on activities. We offer field trips to cater to various interests such as petting zoos, kayaking, and game and movie nights at our Family Service Centers.

    At CCA, we believe all students should experience a range of academic and leisure activities to advance themselves academically and emotionally. Our flexible schedules allow time for leisure activities and learning as a family-focused school.

    Learn More About Commonwealth Charter Academy

    CCA students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace in a completely virtual classroom. This flexibility allows students to participate in educational and social field trips.

    With increased opportunities for field trips, our students develop a deeper understanding of concepts in their lessons while interacting with classmates. Our field trips may also help your student gain exposure to an interest that may become a lifelong career.

    If you have any questions about our online field trips or want to learn more about enrolling your student into CCA, please contact us today!

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