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10 Things to Pack for a Field Trip

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    10 Things to Pack for a Field Trip

    10 things to pack for a field trip

    School trips are excellent opportunities to broaden students’ horizons, reinforce what they’ve learned in class, and forge meaningful relationships. Although teachers will typically provide a list of items to bring for a school trip, it’s always good to create your own. Doing so will help your kids get the most out of their venture.

    If you’re wondering what you should bring on a field trip, our ultimate field trip checklist ensures your child has an immersive, memorable experience and gives you peace of mind. Let’s explore the top ten things to bring on a field trip and what to leave at home.

    What Are the Best Things to Bring on a Field Trip?

    A well-stocked bag does more for your child than you might think. Preparing the right things also lets them sleep soundly on the day before the trip so they can enjoy it to the fullest. Your checklist will vary depending on your kid’s age and where they’re going — always check with their instructor for more information. Here are the top 10 items to consider packing for your child’s next field trip.

    1. Permission Slips

    Some field trips may require written consent from a parent or guardian. Make sure you’ve read and signed any permission slips and tucked them safely into your child’s bag. They’ll need them to attend the trip!

    2. First Aid Kit and Personal Medications

    Safety is just as important as having fun, and being prepared for any situation makes the trip more enjoyable for everyone. Stock up on essential first aid items — like bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze, and tweezers. Store these supplies in an easily accessible location, such as a small fanny pack.

    In addition, your child might need to pack personal medications. You should research your school’s policy for carrying prescription medications before sending them on the trip. Some prescriptions are governed by controlled substances guidelines and require other procedures. For instance, a staff member might have to carry them rather than a student. Check beforehand to ensure you follow the correct medication guidelines for the field trip.

    3. Cellphone

    Reliable communication is a must on any excursion. Many parents send their students with cellphones on field trips to ensure they can maintain communication. You should reference your school’s field trip policies to learn about the rules for cellphones and other portable electronics. Then, inform your child of these rules beforehand.

    For instance, some schools might require students to keep phones in their bags. This placement lets them keep in touch, maintain a distraction-free learning environment, and reduce the risk of dropping or damaging the device.

    4. Money

    What could be better than a souvenir or a delicious treat? Send your children off with a small amount of money in their backpack — it takes up little room and ensures they can enjoy any surprises they come across, such as a quaint gift shop or enticing place to eat.

    5. Entertainment

    Your student should have a fun, engaging experience from start to finish. Make sure they have something to do during the commute or waiting times, whether it’s solving a crossword puzzle or reading their favorite book. You can also include writing utensils and a notebook so they can take notes or doodle what they see.

    6. Snacks

    It’s easy to become a little hungry if you’re having a good time. Pack your child’s bag with nutritious and easy-to-eat snacks like fresh fruits, trail mix, celery sticks, or granola bars. Include a refreshing drink or two, such as water or juice. These treats keep them hydrated and full of energy throughout the day.

    7. Clothing and Diapers

    A sweater or jacket lets kids stay cozy no matter where they are. For outdoor trips, consider packing a raincoat, hat, or sunglasses if appropriate. Toddlers or younger children will benefit from extra diapers.

    8. Contact Information

    Make sure both you and your child know who to reach out to for any concerns, including your instructor, the school, and other emergency contacts. Your contact information should be accessible, too — place it in a noticeable location on your child’s bag, such as a backpack tag.

    9. Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

    Protection from sunlight and insects is crucial for any outdoor venture. If you’re using both, you should apply sunscreen before insect repellent to ensure your child gets the most out of each one.

    10. Lunch Request Forms

    School sack lunches often feature healthy and balanced choices, making them viable for any class field trip. Fill out and return your child’s lunch request form as soon as possible so they’ll have a sack lunch. Alternatively, you can pack a lunch that has all the nutrients they need.

    What Items Should Students Leave at Home?

    Packing only the necessities saves you time and money and enhances your child’s comfort with a lightweight bag. Let’s discuss why you should hold the following items for another time. As always, check with your child’s teacher for specific information.

    Pack only the necessities

    1. New or Uncomfortable Clothing

    Your kids’ trip will be full of incredible sights, destinations, and learning opportunities. Let them experience it in comfortable, appropriate attire. A reliable pair of sneakers or walking shoes is best for a day of activity.

    2. Large Quantities of Cash

    A class field trip is a stimulating experience, and kids may lose track of their belongings in all the excitement. Pack only the amount of money they’ll need for food and a souvenir or two, either through cash or a prepaid card.

    3. Fancy Jewelry

    Kids may misplace bracelets, necklaces, and other trinkets. Jewelry can also be a safety concern on hikes and outdoor activities, which is why you should save them for family gatherings, parties, and more stationary events. Suggest alternative ways to accessorize — items like hats can be both stylish and functional.

    4. Any Other Unnecessary Items

    Every class field trip is unique and comes with its own recommendations and requirements. Refer to the permission slip or ask a teacher for a list of unneeded supplies.

    How Does a Cyber Class Field Trip Differ From a Traditional One?

    Students need frequent interaction to develop their social skills and form healthy relationships. You may think constructive and meaningful connections may be difficult to come by if your child attends a cyber school. At CCA, we offer field trips that are:

    • Varied: From museum visits to roller skating, cyber school field trips cover a wide range of interests, fields, and locations. They’ll help unearth children’s passions and learn new skills in a safe and fun environment.
    • Supported: You’ll receive more support than you would in a traditional setting thanks to dedicated Family Involvement Coordinators. These professionals plan and lead the field trips. Their compassion and expertise ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone.
    • Budget-friendly: Cyber class field trips are perfect for the whole family. You can attend as many free field trips as you want, allowing your child to make countless memories.

    Learn About the Field Trip Opportunities Available for CCA Students

    At CCA, we pride ourselves on offering all the social opportunities children need for lifelong success and fulfillment. Our students have access to over 700 educational and social field trips, enriching their academic experience and keeping you involved in their education. Contact us today to learn more about our field trip opportunities and process!

    Learn about field trip opportunities for CCA students


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