Middle school

Middle school students become more independent with their studies and take more responsibility for their learning.

Commonwealth Charter Academy’s (CCA) online middle school program serves students in grades 6-8. All middle school CCA students — whether they are a new or returning student — will learn independence as they move through our program. 

We expect that our middle school students will take more responsibility for their learning, so we encourage parents, who serve as learning coaches, to transition into a support role at this stage. 

Once students enter middle school — no matter where they are located in PA, such as Philadelphia, Harrisburg or Pittsburgh — they will no longer have a single instructor for all classes. Your child will begin to work directly with their subject-specific teachers and guidance counselors. 

Students also attend live classrooms where they communicate with their peers and teachers in a virtual classroom environment. Our lessons are recorded, so students have the flexibility to view the recordings at any time to complete their work. 

As the learning coach, you still will be responsible for maintaining your child’s attendance records, reviewing lessons and communicating with teachers about adjustments to coursework.

Online classes for PA middle school students

One of the many benefits of cyber school enrollment with Commonwealth Charter Academy is the diverse virtual classes we provide to our students. In addition to traditional math, science, language arts and social studies courses, our middle school students have the ability to add a variety of electives to their schedules.

If your child is advanced in his or her coursework, we offer a middle school gifted program that allows students to complete courses above grade level. Because of our flexibility in scheduling, you can request a slower pace in workload if your child needs extra attention. 

With our virtual special education program, CCA’s teachers will work with you to evaluate your child’s individualized education plan (IEP) and determine how to proceed with academics. 

Easing the transition into an online middle school

Commonwealth Charter Academy recognizes the importance of ensuring Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and all PA students and their families are prepared to make the transition into middle school. 

Every spring, CCA’s middle school administrators host a “Springing into Sixth Grade” event at our Family Service Centers located throughout Pennsylvania to share what families can expect as they move into our middle school program.

  • CCA’s “Springing into Sixth Grade” orientation program includes the following:
  • PowerPoint presentation covering expectations for students, teachers and parents
  • Panel of CCA family mentors to answer questions
  • Student panel of current sixth-graders who present to fifth-graders
  • Series of video introductions from school administrators

Here’s what your family can expect as you move into our cyber middle school program: 

  • Each student is assigned a team of teachers for core courses to ensure collaboration to support student success
  • Students are required to take math, science, language arts, social studies, art, health and physical education, and can choose from a robust list of elective courses
  • Families will receive a welcome call so they can share their child’s learning styles and preferences, and determine the best time for catch-up calls