Elementary school

The elementary school curriculum requires significant involvement from learning coaches.

The Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) cyber education program is not only designed to suit the needs of all our students; it is built to help families become familiar with and immersed in the CCA community. We provide tools and resources that children in grades K-5 need for virtual learning and educational development, as well as personal growth and creative thinking. Our staff believes that families should participate in their children’s education upon cyber school enrollment, which is why we extend non-academic assistance to parents and learning coaches. By individualizing the K-5 program to each student and family, CCA is determined to apply our mission of preparing students for success as early as possible with online special education courses and other programs.

Learning coach and student responsibilities

Students enrolled in primary grades K-5 need a substantial amount of support from their learning coaches, teachers and family members. The roles of the learning coach are defined to make sure online students gain the fundamental academic skills necessary for future success. With the help of a designated learning coach – typically a parent – a student will spend at least 25 hours a week learning online in our virtual school. The learning coach monitors the coursework and assists the student with activities, lessons, attendance, studying and academic progress. 

Families can obtain additional assistance at one of 12 Family Service Centers in PA, including facilities in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. Family Service Centers provide in-person help with enrollment, furnish the environment for meetings with administrators and guidance counselors, and provide families with extensive services for virtual learning.

Our public cyber charter school emphasizes the importance of family involvement within CCA’s elementary program by assigning family mentors, or veteran parents, who offer non-academic assistance to new students and families who enter the program. We work to foster communication among parents, their children, family mentors, learning coaches and our PA-certified teachers to support student growth and promote success.

Elementary school

As students advance through primary school at CCA, they receive a mix of online multimedia, print and digital resources to create a comprehensive online learning experience. Our staff at CCA takes pride in molding future leaders through our enriching, flexible and personalized curriculum.

In grades K-5, students are enrolled in traditional math, science, language arts/English social studies, art, music and physical education courses for every grade. In addition, they are encouraged to learn in other courses, such as foreign languages, to develop creative, cognitive and cultural skills. Our required, virtual live classrooms engage students during topical sessions and are catered to each subject the teacher instructs. Having one certified teacher for several of your child’s courses allows for individualized assistance and personalized learning. If a student misses a lesson, he or she can watch recorded videos to study or relearn a topic.

Students learn about internet safety and appropriate online behavior, because this course is designed to meet the demands of cyber education.

See our full list of courses here.

Summer enrichment programs (Grades K-8)

CCA is proud to provide two summer enrichment programs for our primary students. In the first summer program, students are personally invited by their homeroom teachers to an academic reading and math enrichment program that runs for six weeks each summer. The summer enrichment programs are available to students in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and all other parts of Pennsylvania. The second program runs for two weeks and is a theme-based enrichment camp for returning K-8 students at CCA. Students are awarded certificates after completion of the 14-day camp.