Online Elementary School Sample Schedule 

Flexible schedules that keep kids engaged.

online elementary school sample schedule

It’s important to prepare your child for their next learning experience every day. The best way to do this is through their schedule. Using a schedule, whether in kindergarten or high school, mentally prepares kids for the day ahead.

Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) provides children in elementary school with flexible schedules that keep kids engaged throughout the day. We’ve created some sample elementary school schedules for each grade to help you get an idea of what your child’s day would look like with CCA.

Elementary School Schedule Examples

At CCA, children can complete their coursework, attend virtual classes, and do assignments at times that are convenient for them. A flexible schedule guarantees a chance for your child to grow comfortably in a personalized learning environment.

Typically, parents of students in elementary school are in charge of arranging their children’s daily schedules. So, what exactly would that schedule look like? Let’s take a look at these elementary school day schedule examples to see how you can arrange the different classes and activities in your child’s schedule.