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This section of The Comet, CCA's student-created school newspaper, features tongue twisters, holiday inspired crossword puzzles, and surprising facts.


Enjoy this St. Valentine’s Day themed puzzle.

Word Find

In honor of Black History Month, we present this fun puzzle.

Those looking for love in February, will enjoy this search.

Macro Puzzle

These pictures are pictures of normal school supplies, just taken very close up. Your job is to try to guess what objects they are. Good luck!


Welcome back to The Seasons of Trivia! This is the Winter edition, with some Valentine’s Day questions. The trivia is split into two sections for these two instances. Let’s go!


Round 1: Winter 

  1. Which famous emperor chose January first as New Year’s Day?
  2. Which country is the first to celebrate New Year’s Day each year?
  3. Which winter holiday is celebrated in nearly every country around the world?
  4. How long does winter last in the northern hemisphere?
  5. How long does winter last in the southern hemisphere?
  6. Which of the following statements is true about South and North Poles during the winter?
  7. Which kind of snow is suitable for making a snowman?
  8. The first Olympic Winter Games were held in which country?
  9. What does snow blindness mean?
  10. What is the main cause of winter?

Round 2: Valentine’s Day (Some of the questions here get pretty “historically accurate” so take caution.)

  1. What kind of flowers are traditionally given to symbolize love?
  2. What other gift sometimes accompanies a bouquet of the flowers that symbolize love?
  3. Which Roman god was depicted with a bow and arrow?
  4. If you’re quick to show your feelings, where do you wear your heart?
  5. What day is Valentine’s Day held on?
  6. What was the fictional St Valentine executed for?
  7. In medieval times, which internal organ was believed to cause love?
  8. Is Valentine’s Day the #1 card giving holiday?
  9. What does the word ‘valentine” stand for in Latin?
  10. Which state produces the majority of America’s roses?

Answers and Solutions

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