School Staff Contact Information

2020-21 School Year Contact Information for Departments and Staff

To ensure students and families have the assistance and resources they need to be successful throughout the school year, this document provides contact information for CCA’s departments and staff. This document will be updated on a routine basis to ensure families have the most accurate, up-to-date information. For future reference, please bookmark this page.


Please note the new phone number for Technical Support.

If you have any issues using or accessing edio, Zoom, or your CCA-provided laptop, please contact our Technical Support Center at 833-204-2221 or [email protected].

If you are unable to reach our Technical Support Center, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher. To locate the contact information for your child’s homeroom teacher, please click the following link to view a brief how-to video:

Please note: if you have questions about supplies, updating your account information, or enrollment, please continue to call 844-590-2864.


Most questions and concerns can be addressed by contacting the student’s homeroom or course teacher. If the homeroom or course teacher is unavailable, a student’s assistant principal or principal will be able to help and/or ensure that the homeroom or course teacher contacts the student or family as soon as possible.

To locate the contact information for your child’s homeroom or course teacher, please click on the following link to view a brief how-to video:


Questions and concerns about special education can be directed to the student’s special education case manager. The contact information for a student’s special education case manager can be located in the “Circle” tab within the student’s edio profile.

If the student’s special education case manager is unavailable, a Regional Special Education Director will be able to answer your questions and ensure that the appropriate teacher or staff member contacts the student or family as soon as possible.

The Special Education Department can be reached by calling 717-710-3300 and selecting option 1.


CCA has a team devoted to family service for new families to feel comfortable from the start. The resources available through the Family Services Department provide ongoing family training and support from the enrollment process to graduation.

Each newly enrolled family is assigned a family mentor who is a veteran CCA parent who offers advice to new families and students as they become acquainted with online education.

If you are a newly enrolled family, a family mentor has been assigned to you. You can find your mentor’s contact information by clicking on the “Circle” tab within a student’s edio profile.

The Family Services Department can be reached by emailing [email protected].


School counselors offer support to students and families with academic course planning, college/career planning, information on standardized tests, and scholarship advice. Counselors also provide general support and guidance to students based on individual needs and personal situation. Counselors are available to all K through 12 students.

The Counseling Department can be reached by calling 717-710-3300 and selecting option 6 or emailing [email protected].

Elementary School (Grades K-5)    
Principal - Andrea Azzalina
Phone: 717-710-3300, ext. 11254
Email: [email protected]
Assistant Principals
GradeStudent's last name beginning withNamePhone NumberEmail Address
KA-ZJessica McGlinn717-710-3300, ext. 11276[email protected]
1A-ZJennifer Wiegand484-685-5420, ext. 18193[email protected]
2A-ZBernard Boccella267-768-8310, ext. 22122[email protected]
3A-ZDestiny Day717-710-3300, ext. 23162[email protected]
4A-ZDiane Adkins717-710-3300, ext. 11180[email protected]
5A-ZJustin Howard570-818-2200, ext. 14140[email protected]
Middle School (Grades 6-8)
Principal - Christopher Yerkes
Phone: 717-710-3300, ext. 11252
Email: [email protected]
Assistant Principals
GradeStudent's last name beginning withNamePhone NumberEmail Address
6A-MMelissa Bannister717-710-3300, ext. 11182[email protected]
6N-ZMike Micco724-473-3977, ext. 13160[email protected]
7A-MMichelle McFarland717-710-3300, ext. 11220[email protected]
7N-ZKyle Chuff570-483-2830, ext. 15132[email protected]
8A-HChristopher Yerkes717-710-3300, ext. 11254[email protected]
8I-QKeely Fields484-685-5420, ext. 11305[email protected]
8R-ZKatie Viebrock570-818-2200, ext. 14172[email protected]
High School (Grades 9-12)
Principal - Anthony Rusnak
Phone: 570-483-2830, ext. 15171
Email: [email protected]
Assistant Principals
GradeStudent's last name beginning withNamePhone NumberEmail Address
9A-ZAnna Bridgens724-473-3977, ext. 13123[email protected]
9A-ZKelley Musser717-710-3300, ext. 11357[email protected]
9A-ZKerry Wiest717-710-3300, ext. 11378[email protected]
10A-ZKen Edwards717-710-3300, ext. 11259[email protected]
10A-ZDan Marks717-710-3300, ext. 12126[email protected]
10A-ZChristina Swiontek717-710-3300, ext. 12138[email protected]
11A-ZCeleste Beard-Ward717-710-3300, ext. 11219[email protected]
11A-ZSteve Weigel717-710-3300, ext. 11247[email protected]
12A-ZShayna Chuff570-483-2830, ext. 15133[email protected]
12A-ZNoelle Griffiths570-483-2830, ext. 15148[email protected]
School Counselors
Grade(s)Student's Last Name Beginning withNamePhone NumberEmail Address
KA-KMargaret Donnelly570-483-2830, ext. 15206[email protected]
KL-ZRachel Miller484-685-5420, ext. 18160[email protected]
1A-ZMargaret Donnelly570-483-2830, ext. 15206[email protected]
2A-ZRachel Miller484-685-5420. ext. 18160[email protected]
3A-KKeisha Johnston267-768-8310, ext. 22125[email protected]
3L-ZJodie Zangaro724-473-3977. ext. 13187[email protected]
4A-ZJodie Zangaro724-473-3977, ext. 13187[email protected]
5A-ZKeisha Johnston267-768-8310, ext. 22125[email protected]
6A-ZKatie Horcher484-685-5420, ext. 18159[email protected]
7A-ZBrianna Krajewski570-483-2830, ext. 15158[email protected]
8A-LaSarah Halpin570-483-2830, ext. 15150[email protected]
8Lb-ZAlyssa Hackenberg570-323-1182, ext. 16182[email protected]
9A-ZCelene Gilhooley570-483-2830, ext. 15190[email protected]
9A-ZElizabeth Skiffington717-710-3300, ext. 11401[email protected]
9A-ZMegan Gibson717-710-3300, ext. 11324[email protected]
9A-ZJamie Stahl570-323-1182, ext. 16158[email protected]
10A-ZShannon Morris570-818-2200, ext. 14157[email protected]
10A-ZChelsea Martinez717-710-3300, ext. 11193[email protected]
10A-ZNola Waters267-768-8305, ext. 17126[email protected]
11A-ZLyndsey Baim717-710-3300, ext. 11235[email protected]
11A-ZJennifer Welsh570-818-2200, ext. 14173[email protected]
12A-ZKim Rogusky717-710-3300, ext. 11169[email protected]
12A-ZAdrienne Erb717-710-3300, ext. 11179[email protected]
12A-ZJackie Romano570-818-2200, ext. 14164[email protected]
12A-ZMandy Lick570-483-2830, ext. 15159[email protected]
9-12College and CareerJackie Smith717-710-3300, ext. 11450[email protected]
9-12504 CoordinatorAnthony Perrotto717-710-3300, ext. 11227[email protected]