Parent credits CCA’s commitment to family service for helping her children thrive

Personalized approach to education has helped family receive the services they need to succeed in cyber school.

Jannell decided to give cyber school a chance when her oldest son was in middle school. She wasn’t happy with the local school district and was seeking another option for educating her son. She wanted to find a safer alternative and more hands-on experience for her son, Marquis.

“It was a safety issue. That’s what initially made me look into cyber school,” Jannell said. “Once I did that I found that the education was beyond the safety issue. The education at CCA was more hands-on, which was funny for a cyber school. You would think that it’s not going to be more hands-on because it’s online, but it’s more hands-on, which was a plus for us.”

Jannell, who lives in Philadelphia and has three students enrolled at CCA, said she started receiving information about cyber schools in the mail and when she started researching the options, CCA’s family service approach to education really appealed to her. She also credits her Family Mentor for navigating her through the cyber school experience.

“Even though you have teachers and live lessons, the mentors are a more personable experience,” Jannell said. “She was really, really helpful. She made me feel like I wasn’t out there by myself on this island with a laptop and a child that has no idea what they’re doing. You think it’s going to be really hard and it actually wasn’t. She was there with resources to guide me every step of the way.”

Jannell’s family has been enrolled at CCA for three years. Two of her children have IEPs and Jannell said that the special education services she has received at CCA have been great. 

“He had an IEP so I went with caution and surprisingly enough they were able to make sure he had any services that he had prior to and they were able to meet and exceed the goals we had for him collectively, which I was very happy about,” Jannell said.

Jannell said she could not be happier with her decision to enroll her children at CCA. She said it makes her feel like she made the right decision to enroll her kids at cyber school. 

“It makes me feel like I did a great job and I took a risk where it was benefiting them,” she said. “Sometimes we have to do things as parents and we make an executive decision not knowing which way it will fall, or how it will help or work for the child.”

The other aspect Jannell loves about CCA is how the school works with families to personalize the education experience for students. 

“With the scheduling, I really love that CCA works with you,” Jannell said. “You’re not working around them. They have other things that they’re doing so if something does come up we’re able to have that convenience to go back and look into Live Lessons. That is really important to us. It’s also a benefit for us to have it that way because sometimes we can’t fit what we’re doing as a family into a 9-3 [schedule], so that’s really beneficial for us.”

Jannell said she loves the personalized attention and the fact that teachers are engaged in the education of her children.

“CCA is very different because CCA actually cares,” she said. The staff has been really great – from the teachers to the mentors.Everyone is like a really big family. Even the teachers when you go to these events. Everyone has a genuine concern about you and your family and what they can do to make your situation better.”