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Online Learning Options for Williamsport Families

If you are currently dissatisfied with the Williamsport, PA, public school your child attends, there are alternative K-12 education program options for you. Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) is an online public charter school serving Williamsport that provides students with quality, customizable online education. With a flexible learning environment, CCA students receive a personalized education free from academic restraints due to lack of space, safety issues within classroom settings, budget constraints, and health concerns.

Enrolling in our public charter school is easy to do for Pennsylvania residents.

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Tuition-Free Public School Serving Lycoming County

Families with children in traditional, in-person classroom settings in Lycoming County can enroll their kids in a no-cost-to-the-family cyber school with CCA. If you have a child attending any of the schools in the public school districts below, consider CCA for a personalized, high-quality, online education experience.

Elementary and Primary Schools in the Williamsport Area

  • Cochran Primary School — Williamsport, PA
  • Hepburn-Lycoming Primary School — Cogan Station, PA
  • Jackson Primary School — Williamsport, PA
  • Stevens Primary School — Williamsport, PA
  • Donald E. Schick Elementary School — Montoursville, PA

Intermediate and Middle Schools in the Williamsport Area

  • Curtin Intermediate School — Williamsport, PA
  • Lycoming Valley Intermediate School — Williamsport, PA
  • Williamsport Area Middle School — Williamsport, PA
  • Loyalsock Middle School — Williamsport, PA

High Schools in the Williamsport Area

  • Williamsport Area High School — Williamsport, PA
  • Loyalsock High School — Williamsport, PA

How Transferring to a Cyber School Helps Students

We understand your commitment to ensuring your child gets the best K-12 education, which sometimes means finding options that deviate from the traditional North American educational system. Let’s find out more about what online learning entails below.

Customized Curriculum for Each Child

Each child is unique, with differing needs, interests, and abilities. Because of this, it is nearly impossible for children in traditional education settings to get the customized approach they need to excel. Classrooms are often conducted to meet the needs of many students, making it difficult to tailor the education to any particular child.

With CCA, your child gets a quality, student-centered learning approach with a personalized curriculum. Because the lessons are tailored to your child’s needs, you won’t have to worry about your child being bored and not challenged enough — and subsequently falling behind.

This hands-on online learning approach tailored to each child enables families and students to participate in the education program, increasing engagement for all. Customized education adapts to families’ changing needs and adequately prepares students for the path they choose once they graduate.

Increased Access to Quality Education

Not all public schools are created equal. Students living in an area with unsafe neighborhoods, attending school districts with low enrollment or lack of funding, or living in remote locations may need better options for education. Attending CCA helps students overcome barriers to their education, allowing them to attend school in a safe, quality environment.

Online public charter schools also give students a reprieve from bullying or other negative student activity that may happen in traditional schools. These obstacles in traditional public schools distract students from learning and can create long-term problems. Online education for school students in the Williamsport area increases every child’s access to quality education from the comfort of their home.

CCA’s Courses and Offerings

CCA’s curriculum focuses on core subjects including math, science, English/language arts, and social studies. There are also many different offerings for Advanced Placement (AP) courses, college-level courses, electives, and world language courses. Throughout a child’s entire K-12 education, they will receive quality and thorough instruction from CCA.

CCA's curriculum focuses on core subjects

Elementary School

Courses your child can take at CCA during elementary school include the following lists.

Elementary Math

Elementary courses in math begin with the basics and gradually add upon concepts to give children a strong math foundation. CCA’s courses focus on following the below progression path toward creating a quality math curriculum for elementary students:

  • Counting to 100
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Sorting Data and Building Shapes
  • Non-standard Measurement
  • Interpreting Data
  • Place Values
  • Money
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Analyzing Shapes
  • Geometry
  • Operations in Base Theory
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Rounding
  • Solving Word Problems
  • Coordinate Planes

Elementary Science

Learning about the world around them, elementary students can explore plants, animals, weather patterns, and fossils. This early exposure gives younger children the ability to begin career-oriented exploration in STEM careers.

Elementary English Language Arts

CCA works to ensure courses provide students with the abilities to speak, write, and read effectively, after which their academics advance to learning various types of literature and their interpretations. In turn, this leads to learning about research and different writing styles.

Elementary Social Studies

Elementary students can learn about how to be model citizens by learning about communities, social circles, geography, and real-life issues like internet safety. Students gain knowledge of both Pennsylvanian and American Indian history.

Middle School

For middle school students, explore the classes below to see what they learn.

Middle School Math

Math programs at CCA follow traditional public school advancement and concept building. Students will use the foundation they gained in elementary school to build upon more complex math concepts.

Middle School Science

Middle school science at CCA surrounds physical, life, and earth science. Students are introduced to a combination of hands-on and online science activities.

Middle School English and Language Arts

Students in middle school English and language arts courses are empowered to enhance their research skills and advance their creative process. This involves both independent and collaborative research, goal-setting, and reflection.

Middle School Social Studies

Social studies courses in middle school expand to the influence of ancient civilization on the founding and forming of the U.S. and notable events in American history.

High School

High schoolers can expect to take the following courses and learn about various concepts when enrolled at CCA.

High School Math

By high school, students at CCA can study and complete courses ranging from algebra and geometry to AP calculus and statistics.

High School Science

Expanding upon earlier concepts, students in high school will experience science courses including chemistry, biology, and physics.

High School English and Language Arts

English and language arts courses at CCA extend to both fiction and nonfiction literature for high school students. Learners will also develop strong writing and research skills.

High School Social Studies

Social studies courses for high schoolers will include American Government and both U.S. and World History, informing students of important historical events and giving them an understanding of how our government functions. These courses will prepare them to be well-functioning members of society.

Special Programs

In addition to the above courses, we also offer special programs.

Honors Program

The Honors program at CCA allows advanced and accelerated students to be challenged. Parents, students, and teachers work together to identify and accommodate gifted learners, starting in third grade, to encourage advancement in all the core disciplines at CCA. Gifted and advanced students can also take college-level and AP classes to pursue education after high school.

Special Education Program

Just like all curricula at CCA, special education programs are designed for customization to accommodate students with more unique needs. Using an individualized education plan (IEP), students, teachers, and parents work together to find a pace that best supports the needs, abilities, and interests of each child with special needs.

What You Need to Get Started With Cyber School

CCA offers year-round open enrollment, allowing you to find personalized education for your child at any time. Enrollment for CCA is simple and easy to navigate with a Required Documents Checklist. If you are ready to get started with enrolling your child in a personalized education program through CCA, start with the online application. Once you complete this form, the enrollment team will notify you of your Parent Portal access. From there, you can complete the Student Information Form. Gather the items below, and you are ready to complete the Student Information Form when you log into the Parent Portal:

  • Child’s official birth certificate or U.S. passport
  • Parents’ proof of Pennsylvania residence (utility bills, mortgage statements, or lease agreements)
  • Proof of immunization for the child
  • Child’s previous academic records (transcripts, report cards, IEPs, etc.)
  • Child custody order (if applicable)

Lastly, our team will send you a link to a digital Charter School Enrollment Notification Form.  When completed and signed, this form notifies the school district of your residence that your child will be enrolled at CCA.

Enroll Your Child at CCA Today!

If you are ready to give your K-12 child a customizable, personalized online educational program, enroll them in CCA today! For more information, call us or request more info. Take charge of your child’s future with comprehensive online academic programs offered by CCA.


A CCA cyber school education helps students gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to succeed

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