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If you’re looking for other options to the Wilkes-Barre, PA, public school system, look no further for different K-12 opportunities than Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA). We are a cyber charter school in PA serving the Wilkes-Barre area and providing our students with a quality, personalized online education.

We meet each child where they are, providing a flexible learning environment and customized education options free from academic limitations due to overcrowding, safety risks, or budget restraints.


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Online Public School for Wilkes-Barre Families

CCA provides flexible, quality education for Pennsylvania students in grades K-12.

It’s easy to enroll your child in our tuition-free cyber charter school in Wilkes-Barre.

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Why Enroll Your Child in a Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School?

Cyber school in Wilkes-Barre

Education has changed in recent years, with more families embracing the personalized attention and educational opportunities an online learning environment provides. Instead of living at the mercy of a school timetable, your child can learn at their own pace within the safety of your home.

At CCA, we pride ourselves on offering a rich, well-rounded education that gives students lifelong skills. Parents and students benefit from enrolling at CCA for the following reasons:

1. Customized Curricula 

Every child is different, with unique skills, interests, and needs. Instead of falling back on traditional methods where students must all learn at the same speed, CCA understands that students learn best in individual time frames. We prioritize personalized learning to give children what they need as they progress.

Students follow unique graduation paths at CCA, creating customized paths to graduation and targeting their skills and interests to engage them in learning. Students are no longer passengers in their learning journey — they are active participants, free to explore new courses and concepts. Our investment in customized learning programs means students drive their own success with the full backing and support of our experienced staff.

2. Activities and Events Calendar

Whatever your child’s interest, they have opportunities to rival any in-person school. From local school district sports teams to arts and culture, CCA students have opportunities to be involved in numerous extracurricular activities, broadening their experiences. Our built-in schedule flexibility gives your child more time to take advantage of the activities and events.

Connection is a powerful tool in education. Our online school interactions are dynamic and varied. Students connect with classmates across the state in real-time during virtual lessons. They can also attend hundreds of social and educational field trips throughout the year, join any club that appeals to them, and enjoy various events at one of our Family Service Centers.

CCA has dozens of clubs — we’re always adding more to meet students’ needs. Your child can choose between virtual and in-person club meetings in STEM, arts, literature, volunteering, and many other options.

CCA also pioneered the use of fully equipped mobile classrooms to build connections with our valued families. They are on the road all year, enhancing online school socialization and exposing students to diverse interests, from astronomy to aquaponics.

3. Family and Student Resources

At CCA, education is a team effort. We’re here to support families as they navigate online learning. Students who need help or advanced teaching get everything they need to succeed. Our family mentor program is an all-around favorite, connecting newly enrolled families with current parents to adjust successfully to the role of Learning Coach. Our family mentors have been where you are, which makes them the perfect resource for common questions and challenges.

You can use our non-academic support throughout the year, schedule in-person meetings, attend gatherings for new families, or take to social media for tips and information.

4. Improved Technical Skills

A CCA education goes beyond academics.

A CCA education goes beyond academics. As an online charter school, we understand the importance of digital literacy in today’s technology-driven world. We teach our students how to use various technical devices, improving their communication and problem-solving skills. When technology is part of their daily lives, students can adapt quickly to changes in the digital landscape.

Courses and Offerings at CCA

Our curriculum focused on core subjects such as English, math, science, and social studies. Students can also choose from our Advanced Placement (AP) offerings, college-level courses, electives, and world language courses. As they progress through our system, you can expect the following:

Elementary School

Elementary students start with the basics and move at their own pace in the following subjects:

  • Math: At the elementary level, our math course is about creating a solid foundation, from counting to 100 to geometry and operations in base theory.
  • Science: Students will connect with the world around them, exploring the fossils of the past and the fauna and flora of the present.
  • English and language arts: Again, we start with the basics, focusing on speech, reading comprehension, and writing. Once students grasp the basics, they can move on to different types of literature and develop critical thinking skills.
  • Social studies: Students learn about being good citizens in their community, tackling fundamental issues like cybersecurity and American history.

Middle School

Middle school students can engage with the following course material:

  • Math: Following traditional public school steps, we cover advancement and concept building using students’ robust elementary school foundation.
  • Science: CCA’s middle school science program explores life, earth, and physical science. Students start exploring a productive balance of virtual and hands-on activities.
  • English and language arts: At the middle school level, students can get creative, elevating their research and goal-setting skills.
  • Social Studies: Middle school students learn where they come from, studying ancient civilizations and the events in American history that created the country we know today.

High School

As high school students plan for the future, they can expect to cover the following:

  • Math: Depending on the student’s plans and skills, they can focus on various courses, from algebra to AP calculus and statistics.
  • Science: Students will expand their science knowledge to include chemistry, biology, and physics.
  • English and language arts: CCA high school students will enjoy groundbreaking literature while refining their research, writing, and critical thinking.
  • Social Studies: Students will gain a thorough understanding of government, world history, and important historical events.
  • Career-ready electives: High schoolers add to their core courses with a wide range of elective options, from Cyber Security or Cosmetology to Culinary Art or Sports Management, to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to enter a fulfilling career.

Special Programs

For students who want to expand their horizons beyond the above courses, CCA offers the following special programs:

  • CCA Honors program: This program challenges advanced and accelerated students who work alongside their parents and teachers to encourage advancement in the core disciplines. Learners can also take AP and college-level classes to prepare for life after high school.
  • Special education program: Our special education programs accommodate students with unique needs. Our individualized education programs (IEPs) involve parents, teachers, and students finding a pace that supports their needs and interests.

What Do I Need to Get Started at CCA?

You can enroll your child at CCA year-round. The process is quick and straightforward. All you need are the required documents, and you can start with the online application. Once you’ve submitted all the necessary forms, our enrollment team will provide access to the Parent Portal, where you can complete the student information form. Ensure you have the following:

  • Student’s birth certificate or U.S. passport
  • Your proof of residence in Pennsylvania
  • Student’s proof of immunization

Our team will then send you a Charter School Enrollment Notification form link. Once complete, the school district will be notified of your child’s enrollment at CCA.

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