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If you’re considering school options for your child, you may have considered cyber schools in PA. Embrace the digital age and give them 21st-century skills with CCA. As an innovative and committed cyber school, we empower students through personalized education experiences that appeal to their abilities, goals, and interests.

CCA is a tuition-free, public cyber charter school offering students all the benefits of State College Area School District membership alongside a flexible learning environment and comprehensive academic programming. We collaborate with students and families to ensure every child gets the most from their school years.


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CCA Provides Online Public School Option for State College Families

Dissatisfied with your neighborhood public school? You have a choice: A tuition-free online education is available through Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), a public cyber charter school in State College.

CCA, for students in grades K-12, offers Pennsylvania families a flexible, quality education from the safety of their own home.

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A Cyber Charter School in State College, PA

Cyber school in State College

Traditional brick-and-mortar schools have kept the same approach for decades. All students learn the same thing at the same time amid the distraction of a busy classroom. CCA is changing this paradigm. We understand that every child is unique, so we customize their education to meet their needs, all in the comfort of home and on their schedule.

We founded CCA in 2003 to present families in State College and all of Pennsylvania with an alternative to traditional education. Our school board of trustees is independent, supporting innovation in education. All our board meetings are open to the public so local families can meet our leadership.

CCA is raising the bar for cyber charter schools across the country. Our personalized education goes beyond high school diplomas, preparing students for life in the working world. Students are no longer tied to set school hours. With CCA, they receive their education and meet their teachers online at a time that suits the family. They can choose to tune in to real-time virtual class sessions, watch recordings, or complete assigned lesson content at their convenience, leaving time for sports, jobs, hobbies, and school clubs.

The Benefits of a Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

Cyber charters have gained popularity in recent years due to the many benefits they offer students and families, including:

Learning in a Comfortable, Safe Environment

At cyber charter schools, students learn from anywhere. You no longer have to worry about safety or classroom distractions. You can set up a dedicated learning environment in the comfort of your home, tailored to your child’s learning style and preferences. Students can also take their education with them while on the go. They can study anywhere in the house, catch up on coursework while waiting for soccer practice, or stay up to date when they stay with relatives.

Personalized Education

CCA understands that students learn in different ways

CCA understands that students learn in different ways and in different time frames. Our personalized learning approach meets students where they are, giving them the coursework and support they need when ready. Personalized learning enables students to master skills at their own pace, customizing their path to graduation to align with their skills and interests.

The personalized learning at CCA empowers students to participate in their education. They work with their teachers and families to decide what courses to take. CCA creates a safe learning environment where they are comfortable making mistakes, so they fearlessly engage in new topics without fear of failure.

CCA teachers offer whole-group, small-group, and one-on-one support through written feedback, virtual sessions, and teaching variations to accommodate different learning styles.

Support and Resources

CCA provides students with the support and technology they need to succeed. Each student gets free use of a laptop and printer for their time with us, preloaded with all the software and programs they need to start learning. Our cyber school software lets students choose from live virtual classes or recordings. They can also communicate with their teachers via phone, live chat, and email. As we are a family-focused organization, parents also enjoy regular communications from our faculty.

Educating a child is a collaborative effort, so we support our CCA families throughout every stage of their learning journey. Not only do our teachers work with families to build robust support systems, but new enrollees at CCA are assigned family mentors — veteran CCA parents available year-round to answer non-academic questions and help you navigate the world of online learning.

Career Exploration Experiences

CCA believes it’s our responsibility to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs. Whether they plan to attend college or technical school, join the military, or enter the workforce, our customized learning experience prepares them for success. When we combine the CCAWorks® career-readiness initiative with our college preparation services and career pathways program, students discover their future careers and graduate with 21st-century skills in their chosen fields.

Socialization Opportunities

Geography is no longer an issue in cyber school socialization. CCA offers over 900 social and educational field trips a year, where students meet each other face-to-face while learning more about their world. They collaborate with classmates across the state when attending real-time lessons. They can join dozens of clubs, meeting online and in person.

One of the many benefits of CCA’s flexible schedule is that students can arrange their days to participate in extracurricular activities whenever they choose. We encourage our students to try new things and broaden their experiences while they connect with their peers.

Passionate, Certified Teachers

Our state-certified teachers are as excited to work at CCA as our students are to learn. They have specialized training in virtual education and go the extra mile to work with students to achieve the best possible outcomes.

All of our teachers work from our Family Service Centers, where they can access the latest technologies to bring lessons to life. They take all the time they need to get to know each student, learning their skills, interests, and learning styles. This connection between student and teacher helps learners excel in their strength areas and grow where they need extra assistance.

CCA Online Programs

CCA designs our educational programs as a PA online charter school to deliver academic excellence. All students take core math, English language arts, science, and social studies subjects. They also have a choice of electives, advanced placement (AP) courses, and special programs. Some of our main courses include:

Elementary School

Alongside the core subjects, elementary school students are enrolled in art, music, and physical education courses to provide a well-rounded educational foundation. The elementary program requires significant family support. Parents serve as learning coaches, helping students attain the fundamental skills necessary to progress to the next phase of their education.

Middle School

In middle schools, students build on their strong elementary school foundation and gain learning independence. Learning coaches are more supportive as students transition to subject-specific teachers. They continue with the core subjects, and we expand their options to include career-readiness courses and more electives.

High School

CCA high schoolers are empowered to choose their paths, set goals, work independently, and explore career and college options. They can enrich their high school experience with various courses, electives, activities, and career-readiness opportunities.

Special Education

Our unique special education program offers customized strategies and services to families and students with special learning needs. We provide unique accommodations and modifications to reach each student individually and accommodate their pace.

English Learner (EL)

Our comprehensive program provides English learners with targeted language development instruction. We start with listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our specialist teachers adjust course content as learners progress, providing access to additional resources to help students gain a firm English foundation.

Honors Program

Students in grades 3-12 seeking more challenging coursework can enroll in our honors program. Our high school students can also take AP courses and choose from over 100 dual-enrollment college offerings.

Enroll Your Child in an Excellent Online Charter School

CCA has served Pennsylvania and the State College community since 2003, providing unique, innovative, and agile approaches to K-12 education. We keep leveling up our learning experiences, ensuring students have the confidence they need for life after graduation. Learn more about CCA, or fill out an application form and change your child’s education trajectory today!

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