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Our Family Service Centers offer resources for our students and families. From our centers, CCA teachers conduct virtual classes, open house sessions and other events are held there, and families can stop in for in-person meetings or other services at our K-12 school.


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CCA Provides and Online Public School Option for Scranton Families

If your neighborhood school isn’t meeting your family’s expectations, choose a new public school in Pennsylvania with Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), a public cyber charter school in Scranton.

CCA is a tuition-free, K-12 public cyber school that offers Pennsylvania students a flexible, safe learning alternative with our comprehensive online academic programs.

You can start your family’s cyber school enrollment from the comfort of your Scranton home with just your email address and name.

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Tuition-Free Public School for Scranton Students

Today’s brick-and-mortar public schools are much like public schools were 100 years ago. Everyone learns the same thing at the same time, and there aren’t always options for anything outside of that box. CCA understands that each student is unique and has different educational goals, interests and skills. At CCA, we customize our cyber school to meet each student’s and family’s needs.

CCA was founded in 2003 as a K-12 statewide public cyber charter school overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. As a nonprofit school in Pennsylvania, CCA is independently run but funded with public money from the school districts in which our students live. That gives you a choice to receive a customized online education that will prepare you for life after graduation, whether it be college, vocational school, the military or the workforce, all at no cost to you – from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.

Upon their enrollment, we provide students with everything they need to get started – free use of laptop and printer, plus all course materials. CCA even offers an instructional support subsidy to help families with the cost of internet service. For qualified community classes, CCA can reimburse up to $200 per child per school year.

The Benefits of an Online K-12 Education at CCA

CCA accepts all K-12 students who live in the state, but it is unique compared to any other public school in Pennsylvania.

CCA encourages family involvement. Parents and guardians serve as learning coaches, working directly with their children and CCA teachers. Students learn at their own pace on a schedule that works for the family.

Students interact with classmates from around the state as they learn through real-time virtual classroom lessons, recorded lessons, workbook projects, field trips and other educational opportunities.

Our elementary school academic programs for grades K-5 are print-based and supplemented by virtual content. The core curriculum includes math, science, English language arts, social studies and multiple world languages.

Middle school students in grades 6-8 transition to subject-specific teachers and increased virtual classes. Our cyber school offers honors courses, electives and world languages in addition to the core curriculum.

CCA’s high school for grades 9-12 offers the core curriculum plus multiple business, career and technology electives, career exploration opportunities, internships and AP, honors and college courses.

A sample schedule for a Scranton student might be:

Elementary School
Morning: History coursework
Midmorning: Playtime
Afternoon: Spanish live classroom session
Midafternoon: Robotics Club
Early evening: Math practice
Evening: Reading

Middle School
Morning: Language arts coursework
Midmorning: Visit Scranton Cultural Center
Afternoon: Photography coursework
Midafternoon: Virtual geometry lesson
Early evening: Soccer practice
After dinner: Science experiment

High School
Morning: Dance lessons
Midmorning: Work on portfolio
Afternoon: Virtual computer coding lesson
Midafternoon: AP English coursework
Early evening: Volunteer at food bank
After dinner: Science recorded lesson

Enriching Academic Programs and Student Life

Customized academic programs let CCA students progress at their own pace and be better prepared for success in any path they choose after cyber school – higher education, military service or entry into the workforce.

CCA students are offered significant career and college prep opportunities from an early age. Elementary students learn problem-solving skills and strategies as they begin college and career exploration. Beginning in middle school, students spend multiple years exploring careers and developing college prep skills.

Seniors can follow a college or career path – or both – at CCA. The college prep track explores schools and majors, and teaches about financial aid and time management. CCA also offers a College in High School program so students can earn college credit while in high school.

The career track offers guidance on workplace norms, interview techniques and resume and cover letter writing. CCA also helps coordinate job-shadowing and internship opportunities. CCA serves students interested in military service by making recruiters available for questions.
Student life in cyber school isn’t tied to the computer. CCA offers clubs for almost every interest, from volunteer and service clubs to technology clubs and even college prep and career clubs. All offer the chance to make new friends.

CCA also schedules more than 700 field trips every year across the state – educational ones that bolster what’s taught in our academic programs and social trips just for fun. Field trips are organized by region and county, but CCA families can attend field trips anywhere in the state.

Drake Christianson works on creating face masks for a local hospital using his 3D printer.

How to Enroll at CCA from Scranton, PA

You will be sent a link to a secure application, which will take about 15 minutes to complete, but you can save and close it at any time. Once your application is submitted, a member of our friendly CCA enrollment team will contact you to arrange the collection of documents to complete the process. When enrollment is complete, we will schedule you for a convenient Great Start Orientation Session, which gives new CCA families a comprehensive overview of parent, student and staff responsibilities.

How to Enroll

Learn more about how a K-12 cyber school can be the first step to future success.

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