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If you’re looking for an online school in Reading, PA that offers an alternative education, look no further than CCA. Our unique approach sets students up for long-term success, customizing curricula for every student to bring out their best.

We provide a flexible option for families whose schedules are challenging with a traditional environment and students who need more than they’re receiving in their current school environment.


Cyber School in Reading, PA

Tuition-free online education is available through Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), a public cyber charter school in Reading.

CCA offers Pennsylvania families a flexible, quality education for students in grades K-12.

It’s easy to enroll your child in our tuition-free cyber charter school in Reading.

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Commonwealth Charter Academy Online Learning in Reading

CCA is an online charter school that serves students in all Pennsylvania school districts—all at no cost to families. We offer a unique alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar schools, setting the standard for virtual schools nationwide. At CCA, students are not tied to regular school schedules. We offer a flexible learning environment, ideal for Reading and Wyomissing students looking to achieve a better school-life balance and pursue activities outside of regular learning.

Our students can choose when and where they work, either tuning into live class sessions with our qualified teachers, watching recordings, or completing course content at a time that suits them and their families. They can structure their learning around other activities, from jobs and internships to hobbies and school clubs.

Why You Should Consider Enrolling Your Child in a Reading Virtual School

Cyber school works by providing students with a quality education online instead of in a classroom. It’s an excellent alternative for Reading and Wyomissing students for several reasons, including:

  • Personalized education: At CCA, we used a customized approach to learning. We empower students to take an active role in their education, which engages them and enhances their learning experience. Whatever a student’s goals, we work with them and their families to achieve their maximum potential.
  • Comfortable learning space: Like all online schools, CCA allows students to learn from the comfort of home. Free of the distractions of a busy classroom, they can craft learning spaces that enhance their focus and achieve desired results.
  • Supportive teachers: CCA teachers get to know each family. Motivated by the chance to work with diverse students, they take extra time to understand every student’s learning style, skills, and interests. This knowledge helps them craft unique learning paths, provide support and assistance when needed, and prepare students for life after graduation.

Is Virtual School Good for Students?

A virtual academy offers considerable benefits for students from all walks of life. At CCA, our personalized approach to education engages the entire family, preparing them to succeed throughout school and after. Our commitment to serving students and families with unique academic programming and an environment that fosters a love for learning creates the leaders of tomorrow. Virtual schools outperform brick-and-mortar schools in several areas, providing a quality, well-rounded learning experience.

Some of the main areas schools like CCA provide an advantage include:

  • Socialization opportunities: With over 900 field trips throughout the year, extracurricular activities, clubs, internships, and special events, CCA students have countless opportunities to connect with their peers.
  • Passionate, qualified teachers: The CCA environment is as exciting for our state-certified teachers as it is for our students. Our faculty is trained in virtual learning to give students the quality education they deserve.
  • Parental involvement: At CCA, the education process is collaborative and involves the entire family. Parents or guardians serve as learning coaches, working alongside your child’s teachers to develop a customized education plan.
  • Quality curriculum: We have created an engaging, standards-aligned public school curriculum that accomplishes numerous educational goals.

Online Learning Programs in Reading

The CCA team is dedicated to providing updated, engaging online programs to students of all ages. Students and families receive a customized education plan with various unique extracurricular programs delivered at your schedule and pace. A brief overview of our program includes:

Online Elementary School

As an online elementary school, CCA provides a solid educational foundation in the elementary school years. Our elementary academy for Reading students believes in involving parents throughout the learning process. You work with our teachers to customize a K-5 program for your child. As students advance through elementary school, CCA teachers use digital, multimedia, and print resources to create a comprehensive foundation in math, science, social studies, and English language arts. Students also take art, music, and physical education, and we encourage them to learn in other age-appropriate elective courses.

Online Middle School

CCA middle schoolers start taking more responsibility for their education as they progress toward independent learning. Parents take a step back and fulfill a more supportive role. Students also work directly with subject-specific teachers to better understand their topics. While they continue their four core subjects, we expand their options to include career-readiness courses and more electives.

Online High School

We think about how best to prepare students for life after graduation.

Unlike regular Reading high school hours, CCA students can work at their convenience, expanding their horizons to include activities that benefit their future ambitions. Our focus extends beyond earning a high school diploma. Instead, we think about how best to prepare students for life after graduation.

Post-Graduation Preparation

Whether they want to go to college or technical school, join the military, or enter the workforce, our electives, hands-on workshops, career-focused clubs, and career-preparation activities ensure they leave confident to embark on their new journey. Some of our post-graduation preparation options include:

  • College preparation: From as early as 6th grade, we encourage students to start thinking about their futures. High schoolers can choose from various Advanced Placement (AP) and college-level courses to get a head start on their academic careers.
  • Career training: Our CCAWorks® initiative aims to enable students to find and succeed in their future careers by providing them with 21st-century skills.
  • Career-focused courses and clubs: Elementary school students have already started learning success skills and strategies. When they reach high school, they can participate in numerous career-focused clubs, courses, and events that cover accounting, cosmetology, restaurant management, aquaponics, and more. We work with them on job shadowing, interview skills, and resume building.
  • Pre-apprenticeship programs: Our pre-apprenticeship programs provide students with hands-on experience in many trade-related occupations, including contracting, plumbing, and electricity.

How to Enroll in Online School

Enrolling at CCA is a straightforward process for Reading students. First, have the following documentation nearby to speed things up:

  • Student’s birth certificate
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of immunization

Then, simply click this link and use your email address to create an account, submit your application and documentation, and attend an orientation session so you can start learning your way around our systems.

Enroll Your Child in an Excellent Online Public Charter School

Enroll Your Child in an Excellent Online Public Charter School

Online charter schools like CCA offer myriad benefits to students and their families. If you want to transform your child’s education, enroll at CCA today and help them reach their academic and career goals in a supportive and professional learning environment. Alternatively, learn more about CCA and broaden your horizons today!

Transform your child's education.

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