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Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) is a public cyber charter school that gives families options outside the traditional public school system. We provide students with a personalized online education, and we’ve expanded our Family Service Centers to include Montage Mountain!

With a flexible online learning environment and student-centered approach to education, your child can choose their path while enjoying numerous clubs, sports, and socialization opportunities.


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Commonwealth Charter Academy Expands to the Former Cigna Building

In 2022, CCA purchased an office building on Montage to grow its reach, with plans to use this picturesque location to support student learning and school community activities. This expansion is part of our overarching goal to bring the highest quality lessons and support to our Pennsylvania communities. By the end of 2025, we will have over 20 Family Service centers across the state, serving as resources for nearby families and hosting field trips, events, and information sessions. 

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The Benefits of Online Learning for Students and Families

Cyber school in Montage

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular for families looking for flexibility while achieving their educational goals. At CCA, students learn at their own pace, at a time that works best for the whole family. Students can access extra help and advanced teaching when needed, which is how modern schooling should work. Some of the many benefits of attending cyber school include:

1. Flexible Learning Environment

CCA students have choices. They can access live virtual class sessions or recordings, enjoy field trips, and feel empowered through independent study. Instead of letting the school schedule run their life, students can catch up on lessons when it fits their schedule. They have time to enjoy other activities such as hobbies, jobs, extracurricular activities, and school clubs. They can also learn at their own pace, taking extra time to tackle particularly challenging topics.

2. Support and Resources for Students and Families

At CCA, we’re a community supporting each other through the ups and downs of K-12 education. Our family mentor program helps new families navigate the world of online learning. Our family mentors are experienced CCA parents who have been where you are, so they know what questions you’re likely to have. They’re available for non-academic support throughout the year, including:

  • In-person meetings to help you familiarize yourself with our learning management system.
  • Gatherings to build connections with new families in the region.
  • Posting the latest and most accurate information on a family mentor Facebook group.
  • Weekly virtual support sessions to answer any non-academic queries.

3. Personalized Academic Curriculum

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to education. Our teachers work alongside students and their families to tailor their learning path to their unique needs, interests, and learning styles. We empower our students to actively participate in their learning, selecting courses that match their interests and engaging them in the course material.

Personalized academic curriculum

As your child’s needs evolve, their customized curriculum also prepares them for life after school, whether that involves higher education, entering the workforce, or enlisting for military service.

4. Student-Centered Learning Approach

Cyber schools like CCA give students the freedom to make decisions about what and how they learn. Our students quickly learn the value of responsibility and activity, improving the quality of their learning. A student-centered approach also encourages comprehensive discussions and boosts student participation. As students find the topics relevant to their interests and needs, our teachers work diligently in the background to accommodate their differences.

5. Robust Socialization Opportunities

CCA students have access to over 900 social and educational field trips throughout the year. Students can also connect with their peers through our school clubs, extracurricular activities, special events, and internships, building lasting relationships across the state.

Thanks to their daily schedule flexibility, our students have more time to devote to these activities, meeting new friends and broadening their horizons.

6. Quality Education Within Your Home

Families can actively participate in every student’s education. Our online school programs mean no travel and no safety concerns. While our lessons are predominantly online, your child still participates in the many field trips, activities, and hands-on learning experiences.

CCA's Courses and Offerings

Our curriculum focuses on math, science, language arts, and social studies. We also offer many different learning paths for Advanced Placement (AP), world language, and college-level courses. Students can also choose from a wide variety of elective subjects. Regardless of their learning path, students and their families can remain confident they receive a quality education.

The growth in our core subjects from elementary to high school includes:


Students start with the basics in elementary school, building a solid foundation with activities like addition, subtraction, and sorting data. As they progress through this phase of their education, they’ll cover concepts like non-standard measurements, fractions, decimals, multiplication, division, and operations in base theory.

In middle school, the math curriculum follows traditional public school advancement and concept building. Students will use their elementary school foundation to tackle more complex concepts.

By high school, CCA students can study and complete various courses, from geometry and calculus to AP statistics.


Elementary school students begin their science journeys by learning about their world, including plants, animals, weather patterns, and fossils. In this phase, they can start career-oriented exploration in STEM careers.

In middle school, we shift focus to physical, life, and earth science. Students can enjoy a rich balance of online and hands-on science activities.

High school science students expand on earlier concepts, moving on to chemistry, biology, physics, and more courses.

English Language Arts

At the elementary school level, we focus on providing students with the skills to speak, write, and read effectively before turning to different types of literature and their interpretations.

In middle school, CCA teachers empower students with research skills. They also gain the freedom to explore creativity with the language through goal setting, reflection, and both collaborative and independent research.

High school broadens students’ minds as they tackle fiction and non-fiction literature and hone their writing and research skills.

Social Studies

We begin in elementary school by teaching students how to be model citizens. They learn about their community, social circles, and geographical place in the world. As a cyber school, we also instill the basics of internet security. Students also gain knowledge of Pennsylvanian and American Indian history.

Middle school students start to understand the influence of ancient civilization on today’s America with a firm foundation in U.S. history.

High school social studies includes world history and American government. These courses aim to prepare them for higher education or the working world.

CCA Special Programs

We teach every student at CCA, whether through the above courses or one of our special programs:

  • The honors program: The CCA honors program challenges advanced and accelerated students. Teachers work alongside students and families to encourage advancement in CCA core disciplines. Students can also choose college-level and AP classes to prepare for higher education.
  • Special education program: Our special education programs are fully customizable to accommodate students with different needs. We use an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to map out a pace and curriculum that best supports each child’s needs and abilities.

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