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Cyber School for Johnstown, PA Families

Commonwealth Charter Academy offers a dynamic and effective educational experience for students in grades K through 12. For over 20 years, we’ve been delivering structured courses that combine self-paced and real-time instruction.

Instead of the one-size-fits-all educational system, CCA offers students and families in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas customized learning opportunities and support. Students will pursue their passions while preparing for academic and career success.

Our Johnstown cyber academy is accredited by the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, providing you with the confidence that our curriculum is top quality. We’re able to meet students wherever they are on their academic journey.

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What Local Schools Can I Transfer From?

If you aren’t happy with your child’s K-12 school, our Johnstown cyber school can transform their educational experience. We offer students a comprehensive curriculum and flexible learning environment they won’t find anywhere else. 

With tuition-free programs and year-round open enrollment, students in all grades can transfer to CCA at any time and start receiving the education they deserve. Your children can transfer from the following local schools and more.

Elementary Schools

  • Johnstown Elementary School
  • Conemaugh Valley Elementary School 
  • Conemaugh TWP Area Elementary School
  • Jackson Elementary School
  • Richland Elementary School
  • Westmont Hilltop Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • Johnstown Middle School
  • Conemaugh Valley Junior-Senior High School 
  • Ferndale Area Junior-Senior High School 
  • Richland High School
  • Westmont Hilltop Junior-Senior High School

High Schools

  • Johnstown High School
  • Conemaugh Valley Junior-Senior High School 
  • Ferndale Area Junior-Senior High School 
  • Richland High School
  • Westmont Hilltop Junior-Senior High School

The Benefit of Transferring to A Cyber School

Transferring to a public charter school in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, offers K-12 students the chance to engage with their coursework in a unique way. Students will learn at their own pace as we guide and support them every step of the way to ensure we meet their educational needs. With customized learning, students are much better prepared for their futures.

Graphic: the benefits of transferring to a cyber school

All students will take advantage of several benefits while attending our cyber school, including: 

  • Personalized learning: We believe every student’s education should incorporate their skills and interests, which is why we offer a personalized learning approach. Our teachers work with students and families to create a tailored curriculum that complements their learning styles. Students will take on an active role in their education, setting goals and choosing from a wide variety of electives, internships, and career exploration field trips to support their growth. 
  • Flexibility: CCA offers students the flexibility to learn at their own pace at home. With real-time virtual lessons and recorded lessons, students can access their material at a time that works best for them and their families. This flexibility also gives students the opportunity to have a job or pursue other activities on the side, like sports and hobbies. 
  • Technology: Students will have access to the latest tools and technology to enhance their learning experience. We provide a free laptop that comes preloaded with all the software and programs each student needs. Every household will also receive a voucher for a printer and a support subsidy to offset the cost of internet service.
  • Student life and socialization: To keep students actively engaged with their education, CCA hosts over 600 educational and social field trips throughout Pennsylvania each year. Students can also choose from hands-on activities, special events, and clubs and boost their skills and confidence.

Our Courses and Offerings

Students in the Johnstown school district will have access to the latest subject matter that aligns with state and national standards. We offer a cyber school course catalog that is always evolving. 

Along with our student-centered learning approach across all grade levels, CCA also partners with several educational institutions, including IU8, Discovery Ed, LearningMate, and Edgenuity. Our teachers have diverse career experiences so students obtain real-world insights and applications for every subject matter.

Elementary School

Elementary school students will begin their academic journey engaging with traditional math, English language arts, social studies, science, music, art, and physical education courses. With a focus on developing personal growth, creative thinking, and empathy, K-5 students begin gaining the knowledge and skills they’ll rely on as they grow up. Elementary students even have the opportunity to pursue world languages and other electives to stimulate their interests, fostering their educational development for their future.

Middle School

Middle school students have the opportunity to enroll in more advanced courses, choose from an array of electives, and take part in several career-readiness opportunities. In addition to the core curriculum of math, English language arts, social studies, and science, students can follow their passions and join elective courses ranging from Digital Art to Photography.

High School

High school students have a more independent role in their education and begin to explore a wide range of college and career opportunities. With the core online learning curriculum, electives, activities, and career-readiness opportunities, students will be ready for their future. High schoolers can also join clubs to further pursue their passions, like our Youth and Government Club and Science Club.

Special Programs

At CCA, we also offer a special education program. Designed for students with unique needs, this personalized program considers each child’s academic needs, family schedules, and activities. Special education teachers and professionals will support students who learn from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Related programs ranging from physical therapy to assistive technology are available as well, depending on the requirements of the student’s program.

What's The Difference Between CCA and Other Johnstown Area Cyber Schools?

Unlike most Johnstown area schools, Commonwealth Charter Academy offers our students several unique benefits: 

  • Tuition-free education: As a public cyber charter school, CCA offers Pennsylvania students a quality, tuition-free education. 
  • Lifelong learning perspective: At CCA, we focus on developing students at their grade level while preparing them for success after graduation. Whether your child’s future involves entering the workforce right away, military service, or pursuing higher education, we’ll customize the program to help them get there.
  • Family mentors and ongoing support: New families will receive the support they need through our Family Services Department, which includes a family mentor program. Every family gets the opportunity to work with a mentor who can help answer any questions you may have. We also offer several Family Service Centers for families seeking in-person support.

Enroll Your Child in a Customized, Tuition-Free Program Today

Johnstown students in grades K through 12 can easily transfer and enroll at CCA — at no cost. Our easy-to-navigate enrollment process just requires you to submit the application and required documents and then attend a Great Start Orientation Session, which explains parent, student, and staff responsibilities. 

Reach out to CCA today to enroll your student at our cyber academy in Johnstown.

Graphic: enroll your child in a customized program

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CCA invites you to learn more about the benefits of our public charter school in Dauphin County. Our K-12 online school offers a flexible, customized online education centered around your family.

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Our Johnstown Family Service Center

Our Family Service Centers offer resources for students and families. From these centers, CCA teachers conduct virtual classes, open house sessions and other events are held there, and families can stop in for in-person meetings or other services.

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