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If you’re looking for schools in Cranberry Township, expand your search to include CCA. Our unique and practical approach to personalized education allows students to grow independently. As a virtual cyber charter school, CCA is committed to providing the highest-quality virtual education, so students can learn from the comfort of their homes.


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Cyber School in Cranberry, PA

Tuition-free online education is available through Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA), a public cyber charter school in Cranberry.

CCA offers Pennsylvania families a flexible, quality education for students in grades K-12.

It’s easy to enroll your child in our tuition-free cyber charter school in Cranberry.

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Why Enroll Your Child at Commonwealth Charter Academy?

Cranberry cyber school

CCA leverages technology as a Pennsylvania cyber charter school serving students throughout the commonwealth. We create a customized learning experience, enabling children to learn at their own pace, in a time that suits the family. We’re breaking the education mold, giving students access to extra help and advanced teaching when needed. The CCA experience engages the whole family, preparing students for graduation and beyond.

Some of the many advantages of learning through a cyber charter school include:

  • Robust future-readiness: CCA offers a personalized experience that helps students develop unique skills based on their aptitudes and interests. Teachers work with families and students to connect subject matter to possible careers and further education, paving the pathway they want to follow after graduation.
  • Personalized academic curriculum: Our teachers work with students and families to customize learning paths tailored to each child’s needs, interests, and learning style. When children are empowered to participate in their education, they are more engaged and invested in the results.
  • Flexible learning environment: CCA students can choose between real-time virtual class sessions and recordings to fit their existing schedules. They can also attend over 900 social and educational field trips, and have time for sports, hobbies, jobs, and school clubs.
  • Expanded worldview: Geography often limits the demographics in traditional brick-and-mortar schools. At CCA, students work alongside peers with different backgrounds and perspectives, bringing unique approaches to problem-solving and class discussions. Online school also provides additional opportunities for inclusivity. At CCA, we personalize each student’s learning experience to ensure they learn in a manner that suits their unique needs.
  • Enhanced technical skills: Technical literacy is necessary in the workforce and higher education. CCA helps children adapt to quickly evolving technology, improve communication, and ensure they’re familiar with standard equipment like laptops, printers, and monitors.
  • Reduced barriers between home and school life: When you’re a CCA family, you control your child’s learning environment. Learning from home eliminates distractions, minimizes stress, and focuses on comfort and flexibility.

A Customized Curriculum for Every Student

We understand that every student is unique — they have different learning styles and backgrounds and have varied skills. Our teachers work with students to determine their learning styles and tailor instruction to students’ abilities, interests, and needs. CCA students can expect multiple levels of support throughout their journeys to success.

Our teachers are trained in formative assessment, allowing them to identify student strengths, weaknesses, and challenges in real time. They use this information to modify their instructional strategies, meet students where they are, and help them achieve grade-level standards. Students also get additional support through small-group and one-on-one appointments with their teachers, allowing them to alter their learning paths and set new goals aligned with their changing needs.

CCA offers education programs for every student, including:


The CCAWorks initiative is another tool we offer to take our students beyond graduation. Our faculty is committed to providing opportunities for students to excel in the workplace and higher education, ensuring they have the confidence to succeed throughout school and life.

In high school, we offer a Career Pathways model, helping students explore and gain knowledge in their fields of interest. Students can explore any of the following career pathways:

  • Arts and Communication
  • Business, Finance, and Information technology
  • Engineering and Industrial Technology
  • Human Sciences
  • Science and Health

Honors Program

Students from grades 3-12 can take part in our robust honors program. They can expect rigorous academic challenges to meet their needs and prepare them for advanced academics. Again, our honors program is personalized — students can take Advanced Placement (AP) and college courses while in high school. Students within the program must participate in class discussions and problem-solving activities.

Special Education

Our special education follows our foundation in personalized learning. Our program reaches students on their level, providing unique modifications and accommodations based on their individualized education program (IEP). CCA’s personalized academic programs aim to achieve several goals, from CCA courses that help students catch up to their grade level to providing interventions such as speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy.

Courses We Offer at CCA

From grades K through 12, CCA focuses on core subjects like math, science, social studies, and English language arts. Students can also choose to study world languages starting as early as kindergarten and take up AP, college, and career-focused electives from high school. A general overview of our core education path includes:

Elementary School

Your child can take a variety of elementary school courses

Your child can take the following elementary school courses:

  • Math: Students start with a foundation in the basics and move on to more complex topics such as coordinate plans, solving word problems, multiplication, and division.
  • Science: Explore the natural world, including fossils, weather patterns, plants, and animals.
  • English language arts: Language students build a solid reading, writing, and speaking base. They move on to understanding different types of literature, research, and writing styles.
  • Social studies: Students learn about communities, social circles, geography, and Pennsylvanian history. They also cover American Indian history and modern issues like cybersecurity.
  • Specials: Courses like Art, Music, and Health/PE round out students’ learning by engaging artistic and physical expression.
  • Electives: These courses can be added during the school year to provide even more opportunities to learn.

Middle School 

Middle school students expand on their robust elementary school foundation with the following courses:

  • Math: Build on elementary school learnings to cover more advanced math concepts, aligned with public school advancement and concept building.
  • Science: At the middle school level, CCA science courses focus on physical, life, and Earth science through a balance of virtual and hands-on activities.
  • English language arts: We empower our middle schoolers to elevate their research skills and creative processes. The course involves research, reflection, and goal-setting.
  • Social studies: We expand on basic history to include our forebears’ influence, covering the founding of the U.S. and significant historical events.
  • Specials: Art, Music, and Health/PE continue to develop artistic knowledge and skill.  Career Readiness begins to formally introduce the exploration of students’ future plans.
  • Electives: These courses can be added during the school year and align with the focus on career-readiness.

High School

CCA high schoolers can start pushing boundaries with the following courses and concepts:

  • Math: Depending on the student, they can choose classes ranging from AP calculus and statistics to algebra and geometry.
  • Science: Students will build on previous concepts and advance their physics, chemistry, and biology knowledge.
  • English language arts: High school students will cover fiction and non-fiction literature, developing their research, writing, and critical thinking skills.
  • Social studies: CCA gives students a clear understanding of American politics and world history, preparing them for the real world.
  • Ready Electives: The vast selection of elective courses allows CCA students to plot a unique pathway to a future career.

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