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How to Create Custom Instax Pictures Without an Instax Printer

Written by: Jillian L.

Have you been wanting Instax photos of your favorite celebrities, places, or other things? Do you have an Instax camera but not an Instax printer? They may not be as nice, but this DIY is a great alternative for custom Instax pictures if you only have a camera and not a printer like me!
• A ruined or old Instax photo you don’t want anymore
• Microsoft Word
• Whatever photo you’re using
• Printer
• Scissors
• Glue stick
1. Find the photo you want to use. Open Microsoft Word and insert the photo.
2. In the menu at the top, make sure you’re in “Format” and go all the way over to the right where it says “Size.” Then click the little arrow at the bottom right corner. A window should open.
3. Make sure “Absolute” is selected for both Height and Width. In the Height box, type in 2.441”. In the Width box, type in 1.811”. Then, make sure that the checkboxes “Lock aspect ratio” and “Relative to original picture size” are both unchecked. Click OK and the picture should resize itself to the set dimensions.
4. Print your photo. Cut as carefully as possible around it.
5. Get your old Instax photo and your glue stick. Apply glue to the photo part of the picture (not the white part) and also apply a little bit to the back of your printed picture.
6. Carefully align your printed picture on top of the Instax photo, and you’re done!

Important note: This DIY will only work with the Fujifilm Instax cameras/photos. It does not work with regular Polaroid brand products, as they are a completely different size.




February 22nd, 2021


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