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How Do Colleges View Cyber Schools? 4 Factors to Consider

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    How Do Colleges View Cyber Schools? 4 Factors to Consider

    Graphic: how do colleges view cyber schools

    When deciding if cyber school is right for your child, one natural aspect to consider is whether online school is good for college acceptance. Understanding what colleges look for and how they perceive online high schools can help you make an informed decision about your child’s education.

    1. Grades and Academic Performance

    The vast majority of colleges consider grades to be an essential factor in their acceptance decision. Grades mark a student’s achievement during school and serve as a starting point for evaluating a student’s fitness for the academic rigors of college. According to the National Association of College Admission Counseling, around 80% of institutions contribute significant importance to grades during their admissions decisions.

    Colleges invest a lot in their student’s success. Like any organization, they want to protect their investment by admitting students with grades that indicate a successful future. Admissions officers look at individual course grades and overall grade point average (GPA) to assess a student’s strengths. Grades for core classes are some of the most important considerations.

    Online schools provide opportunities for students to improve their grades that brick-and-mortar schools cannot, such as personalized learning. A personalized learning plan means teachers can tailor a curriculum to the needs of each student.  A cyber school teacher can personalize a student’s education, taking their interests, passions, and academic strengths into consideration.

    The benefits of personalized learning include:

    • Increasing focus and motivation.
    • Incorporating student and family input into a child’s education.
    • Conforming to a child’s specific learning style.
    • Pacing learning based on the student’s needs.

    These benefits can improve students’ ability to get higher grades, making them more attractive candidates in the eyes of college admissions counselors.

    2. The Reputation of the Online School

    Colleges consider factors such as quality of learning, accreditation, and reputation when assessing a student’s school. Colleges look for high schools that are accredited and regulated by the state’s department of education. The quality of the learning matters more than the physical location, so you don’t need to worry if colleges like online schools.

    The purpose of accreditation is to assure a school or program’s quality meets rigorous academic standards and improve the quality of education. Accreditation measures a school’s educational quality by assessing students’ success and outcomes from their programs. If a cyber school is accredited and maintains its accreditation status, colleges will view them similarly to brick-and-mortar schools.

    Colleges also consider the school’s overall reputation. Admissions officers are often familiar with high schools in their region, and they know which schools produce students who tend to be a good fit for their university. Furthermore, public schools, including public cyber schools, all have regulations set by the state department of education, so colleges know they are held to a specific set of standards.

    Graphic: online school allows students to enoy school

    3. Bigger Picture Considerations

    College admissions counselors will look at the larger picture of a student’s academic record. While grades play an important role in admissions decisions, the process involves more than meeting a predetermined set of requirements. Admissions officers look at the bigger picture, which includes asking questions about online school attendance, including:

    • What accreditation does the online school have?
    • What was the reason for the student’s transition to online school?
    • Will attending online school affect a student’s ability to attend college?

    CCA has a fantastic reputation and provides support for all kinds of learners, whatever their needs may be. Admissions officers understand that not all schools suit every child’s needs. With online school, your student can learn using methods that work best for them, allowing them to enjoy school.

    When combing through a student’s academic records, understanding their complete academic history plays a significant role in determining a student’s readiness for college. Things like extenuating circumstances and extracurricular activities factor heavily into their decision, which is why they often require personal statements and essay questions.

    4. Student Involvement in Activities and the Community

    College admission counselors try to foster a diverse campus community in their admissions decisions. They look for students who can contribute to a vibrant campus community, which is why extracurricular activities, community involvement, and good grades are essential.

    When students are in a classroom for 8 hours a day, they have little time to explore their passions and engage in their community. With online schools like CCA, students have the freedom to structure their education around extracurricular activities, sports, and community activities they love. With clubs and activities available for all students, CCA students can acquire new skills, make new friends, and show colleges they are passionate and involved community members.

    Furthermore, students interested in participating in sports in college after online high school can qualify through the NCAA Eligibility Center. Since CCA students can conform their studies to their schedule, athletes are free to participate in competitions while keeping up with their schoolwork.

    Online Schools Can Be an Asset for College Admissions

    Online schools offer many advantages that make them an excellent fit for numerous students. At CCA, we approach education differently. Every student gets a personalized education tailored to their unique needs. Some of the benefits of online schooling include:

    •  Flexibility: CCA strives to build a partnership with students and their families, so your child’s education can work with their schedule. With recorded class sessions, field trips, independent study, and real-time lessons, students have numerous ways to fit their education into their schedules.
    • Safety: With online schools, students can learn from the comfort and security of their homes. Many students have unique needs, and sometimes those needs cannot be accommodated by brick-and-mortar schools. CCA provides the accommodations and safety to learn in a comfortable environment that suits every student.
    • Personalization: At CCA, students can enjoy curricula crafted to their strengths and learning styles. Teachers have the time and resources to create personalized learning plans so students can gain the most from their education.

    Graphic: Contact CCA today to learn more

    CCA Can Prepare Your Student for a Successful College Career

    Colleges view online schools in the same way they do brick-and-mortar schools. As long as the quality of learning, accreditation, and reputation is of a high standard, online school students will have equal odds of college acceptance as students attending traditional schools.

    CCA has a unique approach to education, and your student will have an individualized learning experience. The personalized learning and flexibility of online classes through CCA provide students with the best preparation for college.

    Contact CCA today to learn more about how online school can improve your child’s future and college prospects.


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