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How COVID-19 Has Affected Small Businesses

by: Sydney H.

Covid-19 has affected many things in our everyday lives since it swooped into the U.S in March of 2020. Many businesses had to shut down temporarily and because of this, some places lost money and even didn’t reopen after. Other businesses reopened in May and followed guidelines recommended by the CDC. They made sure people coming wore masks, socially distanced, and even cut down on how many people could be at their business at a time. There were also other businesses that started a website and sold their merchandise on there.

There are also many places that have to up the pricing of things to make up lost money from when they were shutdown. Some people weren’t happy about this with some of the prices being drastic, but other places only upped their prices by as much as $5. Many people have also started sitting outside to eat at restaurants. With more outdoor seating in demand, places have added patios and other ways for people to eat safer.

Another major change is the use of online shopping. Places like Walmart, Target, Giant, and even Dominos Pizza started curbside delivery or even ordering everything online and having it be shipped to your home. The main thing that people have been using though is Amazon, an online app that delivers practically everything to your house. While some people have been using Amazon they may have started paying extra for Amazon Prime which ships everything faster and also has better prices than if you didn’t use Prime. Some large chain stores shut down or were close to shutting down before the pandemic, but the wide spread use of Amazon and Amazon Prime decided these stores fates.

While Covid-19 is seen as terrible or even annoying, somethings that come from it are good. You can spend more quality time with family or even pick up a new hobby. Remember to stay safe, wear a mask, and support your small businesses.




February 19th, 2021


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