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Bella with her horse and ribbons

Bella, an eighth-grade #CCA student, first fell in love with horses at the age of three. Over the last several years, Bella’s passion for horses has deepened and her love for them has grown stronger. She recently won several awards earlier this fall for placing first and fourth place in several categories. CCA’s flexibility allows Bella to pursue her passion while still receiving a high-quality education. Bella said, “Being with horses and the barn is my happy place 100%!”

  • 2011 – at the age of 3 years old, Bella fell in love with her mom’s friend’s horse, Curly.
    • Throughout the years, Bella’s passion for horses grew deeper. She took every opportunity to learn more about horses, the different breeds, and riding styles.
    • She volunteered at CATRA, rode horses at her grandmother’s house, took lessons at various stables, and learned the difference in riding between English and Western saddles.
  • 2018 – As Bella gained additional knowledge and matured, she began getting to know her trainer’s horse, Ally, which is a Morgan horse.
  • May 2021 – After years of training with Ally, Bella competed at Twin Brooks and came in fifth place.
  • June-September 2021 – Bella began training with a new horse, Payday. She and Payday participated in several 4-H shows, the 4-H fair, and many Twin Brooks shows throughout the summer of 2021.
  • September 3, 2021 – Bella’s parents and trainer surprised Bella with a new Morgan horse, named Cash. Bella said, “[it] was love at first sight. I got to pick his registered name through the Morgan Association and his barn name will remain Cash and his show name is I.A.S. Rings of Fire.”
  • September 19, 2021 – Twin Brooks Fall Show
    • Bella entered six classes, including equitation and pleasure, which featured three different classes and judging of the rider and horse.
    • Bella placed first through fourth place in the different classes.

There are several experiences Bella has learned throughout her journey:

  1. Your horse comes first always. After riding on hot days no matter how hot I am, I must immediately cool down my horse and make sure their breathing is steady and that their body is cool.
  2. The responsibilities of taking care of a horse mean they rely on me for clean stalls, feeding, water, exercise, recognizing if they are feeling under the weather, being there to comfort and show them love. This has developed confidence in everything I do.
  3. Learning how to communicate clearly and being assertive with word commands and body commands is challenging and rewarding. When I am frustrated or upset, my horse feels that frustration which makes the horse anxious. Learning how to take deep breaths and speak calm relaxes both of us.
  4. I found my passion in my life! Being with horses and the barn is my happy place 100%!


Photos of Bella through the years.




January 25th, 2022



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