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5 Middle School Hobbies

by: Oliver C.


This ancient folding art can keep you busy for hours, folding captivating figures and shapes.  Animals are the most common.  Online classes and tutorials are easily available for beginners and origami guidebooks can be purchased for more advanced techniques.  If you are looking for a fulfilling way to display your creativity, origami might be the right hobby for you.


Keep yourself at work with this productive activity that allows you to spend time outdoors, caring for a variety of plants.  Fruits and vegetables can make for a beneficial addition to your refrigerator while flowers and other plants reward you with their beauty and natural enthrallment.  Plus, a garden would be the perfect way to brighten up a dull backyard.


Do you like putting on a good show, impressing an audience and most of all, magic tricks?  Then, presto, you’re a magician.  This hobby is all about stirring the audience with a majestic array of magical wonders.  Simple tricks can be found in online tutorials and magic trick books can be purchased along with a set of fun items to enhance your performance.


Everybody knows being outdoors is important.  One of the most common outdoor activities is playing sports.  Signing up for a sport like basketball or soccer will give a good workout along with having loads of fun with friends.  Sports can get uniquely competitive and playing your hardest will make it all the more fun.


A lot of people say they can’t draw well but really, they just haven’t gotten the practice.  With a couple weeks of commitment to this cheap hobby will make you realize that you’re improving and that’s just the beginning.  All you really need for this hobby is pencil and paper but more serious tools can be attained.  With some hardworking devotion and a little imagination, you can easily find yourself hooked with this rewarding past-time.




February 19th, 2021


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