PA Cyber School Honors Program

The Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) Honors program is customized to meet students’ advanced educational needs.

Our cyber school’s Honors program provides unique opportunities for high-achieving CCA students in grades 3-12 seeking to participate in a rigorous and challenging online school experience. In high school, the Honors program expands to include Advanced Placement (AP) courses and College in the High School.

While gifted and talented charter schools often focus only on numbers and performance, we are committed to identifying students who exhibit the characteristics of gifted and advanced students and designing learning experiences to meet their needs. Students within the Honors program, which incorporates project-based learning, must participate regularly in class discussion and problem-solving. Students in the Honors program can expect courses that accelerate and customize their learning around areas of interest, deep exploration of topics, and challenging discourse with their Honors program teachers and classmates.

Students who believe they can meet the expectations and rigor of an Honors or AP course and would like to add it to their school experience can apply for program placement. Students can be considered for one or more of the Honors courses at their grade level. 

Honors and AP students can be identified during initial placement or after enrollment based on academic performance and additional screenings by the CCA Honors program staff. Input from learning coaches is an important part of identifying and serving students for the Honors program. 

CCA strives to meet or exceed standards set forth by the National Association for Gifted Learners for its online Honors program.