CCA's family centered approach to education

CCA believes learners flourish when families and teachers come together in a strong partnership.

When a family member is engaged with CCA teachers, it sends a message to the learner: This is important.

Everyone has a role: Children explore their academic passions, teachers personalize lessons and encourage learners, and family members act as learning coaches by supporting, motivating and monitoring their child's progress.

The outcome is a productive learner who wants to attend school, and families who are engaged and excited by their child's talents and progress.

It’s rewarding, too. Many CCA families say being involved in their child's education is the most satisfying aspect of being a part of the school.

Family involvement makes a difference

At CCA, families can customize a school day that maximizes a learner's potential. CCA learners attend classes virtually using the latest tools and technology. Families work collaboratively with highly qualified and Pennsylvania-certified teachers. Virtual lessons are presented in real-time, live and in person, to meet the unique needs of each family.

Since learning happens primarily from home, CCA families have great flexibility in scheduling. Learners can fulfill class requirements around their daily schedules.