Field trips

CCA schedules more than 500 exciting and educational field trips across Pennsylvania each year.

CCA offers educational field trips, such as museums or historic sites, that enhance what is taught in the virtual classroom. We also provide social field trips that are pure fun outings, such as roller skating and outdoor adventures. 

At CCA, we love to schedule field trips that are family favorites, such as the annual visit to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, but we also like to freshen up each year’s calendar with new field trips. We also encourage our families to suggest locations for future field trips to make sure that we are providing rich experiences that are of interest to our families. 

Our field trips are organized by region and county, but CCA families can attend field trips anywhere in the state. Families can attend an unlimited number of free field trips, but each learner can only attend one paid field trip a month. 

If you have any questions or need additional support, our Family Mentors can assist you through the field trip process. We want to help build those connections we value so highly to make sure that learners and families get the most out of their CCA experience.