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Accredited Cyber School in Norristown, Pennsylvania, and Neighboring Areas

Many families call the bustling town of Norristown, Pennsylvania, home, and every parent wants the best education for their children. While brick-and-mortar Montgomery County schools have stayed the same over the decades, we believe every pupil should learn and grow the way they want.

Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) is a tuition-free, public cyber school that gives students a flexible and personalized learning environment where they can flourish. We cater to your child’s specific needs and strengths to help them achieve their personal best — all from the comfort of home and at their own pace. Whether their future lies in college, the workforce, vocational school, or the military, CCA’s programs ensure your children are on the right track.

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What Local Schools Can I Transfer From?

CCA proudly serves K-12 students from every county and school district in Pennsylvania. Norristown children can transfer to our cyber school from any local institution:

  • Cole Manor Elementary School
  • Gotwals Elementary School
  • Hancock Elementary School
  • Marshall Street Elementary School
  • Musselman Learning Center
  • Paul Fly Elementary School
  • Whitehall Elementary School
  • East Norriton Middle School
  • Eisenhower Science and Technology Leadership Academy
  • Stewart Middle School
  • Norristown Area High School
  • Roosevelt Campus of the NAHS

Whichever school you’re transferring from, CCA makes the transition easy. Our enrollment team will be with you every step of the way — we’ll inform your child’s school district of the transfer, so you can skip the withdrawal process. Be sure to check your cyber school eligibility before signing up.

The Benefits of Transferring Into a Cyber Charter School

Every student is unique and deserves a program that suits their learning style, interests, and schedule. A cyber charter school breaks free of traditional cookie-cutter curricula, helping pupils get the most out of their education. Both kids and their families will enjoy the benefits we offer:

  • More choice in education: CCA provides the flexibility students need to discover their passions and learn in a way that’s best for them. Your child’s customized education features recorded lessons, real-time virtual classroom sessions, hands-on experiences, and workbook projects. They can set their schedule and chart their own course toward happiness, growth, and fulfillment.
  • Tuition-free: As an accredited online public school, CCA offers a change from traditional education at no cost to Pennsylvania families, meaning a tuition-free, flexible academic experience.
  • Technology and software provided: A personalized online program should be accessible to all students. That’s why we supply every pupil with textbooks and materials, a free laptop and preloaded software, and a second monitor. Families also have access to an internet service subsidy, a printer, and our ongoing technical support and dedicated mentors.
  • Family involvement: CCA’s cyber school program engages the whole family. You’ll serve as a learning coach, communicating regularly with teachers to develop a personalized education plan, monitor workload and progress, and support your budding learner throughout their academic career.
  • A team you can count on: Behind every successful student is a strong support system. At CCA, we give you the resources you need for a smooth transition and ongoing achievement. Our Family Services Department includes mentors, involvement coordinators, and a Family Service Center right in Norristown.

Our Cyber School Courses

At CCA, we dedicate ourselves to delivering a comprehensive cyber school experience to students of all ages and capabilities. A typical school day will cater to your child’s unique academic needs:

  • Elementary school: Younger students are at a significant developmental stage in their lives. We’ll give them strong foundations in core subjects like math, science, English, and social studies while emphasizing the importance of play and hands-on activities. More than half of our elementary school curriculum consists of hands-on activities that supplement virtual materials and engage our students offline to cater to these youngsters’ curious and exploratory natures.
  • Middle school: Students take virtual courses that prepare them for independence and teach them responsibility. They’ll work with subject-specific teachers for mainstay courses, which they can supplement with honors classes, foreign languages, and exciting electives.
  • High school: We empower high school pupils to carve their own path. Our program bolsters their understanding of core subjects and helps students discover their passions through various business, technology, and career electives. CCA sets students up for post-graduation success with Advanced Placement (AP) and college-level courses, career exploration opportunities, and meaningful internships.
  • Other online academic programs: CCA has a curriculum for every pupil. Our programs let English learners (EL), gifted students, and students with special learning needs work at their own speed in a safe, productive environment.
  • Enrichment and readiness programs: From summer camp to STEM programs, we offer elementary and middle school students many fun ways to enhance their experience. For high school pupils, we provide college and career counseling, pre-apprenticeship programs, and other resources to ensure they’re college and career ready.

[graphic]: our cyber school courses

What's the Difference Between CCA and Other Norristown Area Cyber Schools?

We believe individuality, social development, and passion are just as important as academic excellence. CCA’s socialization opportunities rival those of traditional and other cyber schools for happier, well-rounded students:

  • Field trips: We offer over 600 educational and social field trips across Pennsylvania each year. These trips make learning even more fun — hands-on activities teach students new skills, reinforce what they’re learning, and encourage collaboration.
  • Extracurricular activities: Many valuable lessons occur outside the classroom. Your child will have access to more than two dozen clubs and activities, allowing them to pursue their interests, discover new passions, and develop long-lasting relationships with like-minded peers. We refresh our offerings annually to fit our students, covering subjects like art, science and technology, literature, and math.
  • Career training: CCA helps children excel today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their lives. Our career-readiness initiative prepares students for the future and teaches them the importance of giving back to their community. We integrate this approach schoolwide — students can choose from five Career Pathways and receive relevant guidance, experience, and skills for lifelong success.
  • Mobile classrooms: We offer our students the opportunity to gather with peers and friends in fully equipped mobile classrooms. These typically trailer-sized vehicles are retrofitted with Wi-Fi capabilities, science labs, and smartboards for engaging and hands-on learning and face-to-face interaction.

Enroll Your Norristown Student at CCA Today

Why wait to give your children a more fulfilling education? If you need a better academic solution, CCA will deliver. We invite all Montgomery County families to experience the difference a student-centered curriculum will make. You can submit an enrollment application in 15 minutes or less. Contact a CCA parent with questions or request more information online today!

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CCA invites you to learn more about the benefits of our public charter school in Dauphin County. Our K-12 online school offers a flexible, customized online education centered around your family.

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Our Norristown Family Service Center

Our Family Service Centers offer resources for students and families. From these centers, CCA teachers conduct virtual classes, open house sessions and other events are held there, and families can stop in for in-person meetings or other services.

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