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CCA administrator touts engaging features of new LMS for students

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    CCA administrator touts engaging features of new LMS for students

    Dr. Joyce Good says edio will be more interactive for CCA families.

    Dr. Joyce Good is the senior director of learning at CCA. This year, she is overseeing the content that will be part of edio, CCA’s new learning management system – which will go into effect next school year. Dr. Good shares some of her thoughts about edio in this week’s designer spotlight.

    What is your role with edio, the new Learning Management System?

    My role is to oversee the learning assets of edio, which is the tool that teachers will use to write lessons and create variance to their lesson. The other component I am responsible for is the team of designers. You have the LMS, edio, that needs to have tools and an environment where students can access those tools.

    My role is to ensure the tools we are creating are tools we need for the lessons. The lessons we are actually designing are to be written to engage students and align to the Pennsylvania state standards. This will help students to be prepared to take the next step, whether it is moving onto the next grade or graduation.

    What new features should students and families be excited about in edio?

    There is the ability for students to give responses back. There is the ability for students to submit an audio file, so they can verbally give their answer. There is also audio/video so students can submit this to present their project. One of the neatest features is that we are integrating with all of the other content providers. Everything will be right in their lesson. Some of the textbook companies we have partnered with have excellent demonstrations and visuals. Teachers are also creating videos to engage students.

    How many new courses are we creating?

    We are creating 110 courses to fit edio for next year. All of our core courses K-12 fall into this. Some of our high school classes will be written over a two-year span.

    Will any of the new courses be restrictive at certain grade levels?

    There will be the standard prerequisite for some of the courses, like it is now.

    Will the new courses be taught by current CCA teachers?

    Yes, they will be. Our designers are writing the course to deliver to the teacher but the teacher will be able to make variances to the course.

    Why is the curriculum changing?

    We wanted to write our lessons to meet the state standard for Pennsylvania. The curriculum will be more rigorous because we found the previous course material was not as challenging for meeting state standards. We found there wasn’t enough practice time for students. From a teacher’s perspective, we have found additional resources that do a nice job of teaching concepts that better engage our digital students and we wanted to be able to use all kind of vendors. We found if we wrote our own lessons we could use a variety of vendors from lesson to lesson.

    Is edio more engaging than current learning management system?

    We expect that it will be more engaging and have a cleaner look. In the calendar, it will provide essential information that the students need. It will now deliver what the student needs directly to the student when they log in. What all students will find is it is cleaner, simpler to use and easier to find information.

    When will the transition happen?

    We will start the school year on Sept. 4 and on that very same day, families will be in edio. The roll out of edio will be going out as early as the end of April and beginning of May. Family Services will be having training sessions where families can take a look at what is going on in edio.


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