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5 Productivity Tips for Students

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    5 Productivity Tips for Students

    Graphic: 5 Productivity Tips for Students

    For students, attending classes is just the beginning of success. They can go to every class, but if they do not put in an effort at home to complete assignments and study for tests, they still may not do very well.

    If your student struggles with how to be productive studying at home, you are not alone. A lot of students may struggle with being productive for a lot of reasons. They may have issues with time management, organization, or other factors. However, there are ways to make improvements. Learn how to help your student be focused and productive at home with these tips and tricks.

    1. Make a Routine

    Having a consistent routine can make all the difference for students. Students who follow healthy routines all throughout their day experience benefits that students without routines tend to lose out on.

    When students follow a routine, the brain uses less energy to get them through the day. As a student, there is a lot to remember, a lot to do, and stressors to manage. A routine allows the brain to efficiently handle everything the day brings. Not only that, but a solid routine is proven to promote better sleep, improve emotional and mental health, and even increase academic success.

    Establishing a routine can sometimes be difficult, and it can be even more tricky to follow it. However, planning out when students do various things on a daily basis, such as eating breakfast, going to school, coming home, and eating dinner can really help them become more productive in the long run. Once you have established a routine that works best for them, give them time to get comfortable with it. Soon enough, it will feel like second nature to them.

    2. Prioritize Schoolwork Instead of Procrastinating

    As a student, it can be easy to fall into the procrastination trap. Even so, no matter how many times they put something off, it still needs to be done in the end. Putting off their work can lead to incomplete projects, low grades, and tons of stress. The best thing for students to do is to address their schoolwork and not avoid it.

    Some students find that they are most focused and productive immediately after school because the information is still fresh in their minds. Additionally, getting any schoolwork done sooner allows the rest of the night to be open for fun and relaxation.

    A short break before completing schoolwork can also be an option to allow students time to switch from the classroom environment to working at home. About 30 minutes can be a good amount of time for students to decompress and refresh their minds for any assignments they have to do.

    Completing schoolwork after dinner might also be an option. This will allow your student to have time to catch up with family members, exercise, attend practices, and more. However, you have to be careful that waiting too late into the evening does not land them feeling tired and reluctant to do their work. If you find that studying at home after dinner is not the best option for them, suggest they switch to an earlier timeframe.

    3. Avoid Studying in Bed

    It may be tempting for your student to relax on their bed when studying at home, but it is best for students to avoid their beds when they are completing schoolwork. It can lead to them getting too comfortable and falling asleep, as well as other issues.

    Students who study in bed can suffer from sore backs and various distractions, and they can even make a mess of their beds with pen marks and snack crumbs. When a student uses their bed for studying, it can also be difficult for them to find comfort in their beds when it’s time to unwind and go to sleep if it is doubling as their workspace.

    Graphic: Avoid studying in bed

    The best way to avoid these obstacles is to designate a workspace for your student to complete their schoolwork. Find a comfortable yet supportive chair that will help your students sit up straight. This can help them with focus and concentration. Choose a table or a desk that is a good height for them to sit at for extended periods of time and be sure to keep it as clutter-free as possible.

    Also, make sure they have everything they need within their reach. It can be too easy to procrastinate or get distracted if students have to keep leaving their workspace for materials.

    4. Set Aside Distractions

    It can be easy for students to get distracted when they are trying to complete schoolwork at home. One of the best ways to help them increase their productivity while studying is to eliminate as many distractions as you can until their studying is done.

    Removing technological distractions such as entertainment phone apps and television can really make a difference. Aside from being a distraction, various electronic devices can also cause eye fatigue, blurry vision, and dry eyes, in addition to taking students away from the task at hand.

    Setting screen time limits for your students outside of school that can be incorporated into your routine is a great way to help them be productive while studying. For example, you can make it a general rule that your student does not turn on the TV until their work is done. You can also suggest that they study in a different space away from technology so that they will not be tempted to use it before they are finished with their work.

    5. Create a Study Group

    A study group, whether it is in person or virtual, can help students stay interested in schoolwork while at home. Working together with their peers can give students a sense of support. Allowing a member of the group to be a moderator can also help keep everyone on track should the group begin to get off-topic.

    Your student can create an agenda with their group to decide what they want to study together and what they want to study independently. If they study together through online platforms, your student can also access other helpful tools to assist with their productivity.

    Design a Productive Schedule With CCA

    Online schooling can open a whole new world full of benefits for your student. Commonwealth Charter Academy can provide your child with everything they need to thrive in an online learning environment, including flexible schedules that work best for them. Contact us today for more information.

    Graphic: Design a productive schedule with CCA


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