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Engineering, augmented reality and hydrology among topics at CCA’s annual science fair

Students participated in the event at four Family Service Centers across the state.

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking once said, “Science is not only a disciple of reason but also one of romance and passion.”

Science and the exploration of what it can do to aid society is for those truly passionate about the subject. Students learn about science and what it can do in the classroom, but for some that’s not enough. Students who want to truly immerse themselves in the scientific process need more, which is why science fairs are an essential part of the school experience.

“Participating in science fairs is a great way for students to expand their knowledge and reach for something they’re genuinely interested in,” said Julianna Schweinsburg, a CCA high school biology teacher. “Not every year of science covers a topic students are interested in, but here they can focus on what they’re passionate about.”

CCA hosted its second annual science fair on May 9. Students participated in the science fair by presenting their projects to judges in person at Family Service Centers in Harrisburg, Dickson City, Norristown and Seven Fields.

There were 18 students signed up to participate this year. Some of the projects explored engineering, augmented reality and computer vision, forensic science and hydrology.

“I participated in science fairs all throughout high school,” Schweinsburg said. “It’s a fun way to learn and explore in a way you aren’t able to in class.”

Last year, 12 students participated in the science fair and presented exciting projects exploring microwave radiation on different organisms, the relationship between carbon dioxide and exercise, comparing artificial smells to natural smells and other scientific experiments.

During the science fairs, judges talk to students about their experiments. At the end, medals are awarded to the first-, second- and third-place winners throughout all locations.

Students who did not sign up in time this year were encouraged to attend virtually and to talk to Schweinsburg for information on how to participate next year.

“This is a great opportunity for students who love science and want to further their learning to do so while having fun interacting with other students,” Schweinsburg said.


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June 20th, 2019


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