Public Cyber Charter Schools | Myths vs. Facts

myths vs factsDue to the coronavirus pandemic, school districts across the state are struggling to create plans for how they will deliver instruction when the new school year begins in the fall.

Unfortunately, out of fear of losing students and families to public cyber charter schools, like CCA, school districts are promoting false information as a way to force families to use their district’s cyber program.

To ease any concerns you have about information being communicated by school districts, below are facts to common myths or false statements school districts are perpetuating to families as a way to force them to not attend a public cyber charter school, like CCA.

Cyber School Myths vs. Facts

Fortunately, with nearly 20 years of experience in providing an online education; having well-prepared teachers; developing an in-house, proprietary learning management system; and having fully accessible course content for ALL students, CCA is well-suited and well-prepared to provide high-quality educational programs and services and extracurricular activities to students and families without disruption when the school year begins on September 8.

Miscellaneous Questions

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