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9 Historical Sites to Visit With Your Family In Pennsylvania

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    9 Historical Sites to Visit With Your Family In Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania has tons of historical sites you can explore throughout the year. Throughout the state, you can enjoy beautiful sights and learn many new things about some of the most memorable occasions in history. Whether you want to discover more about the Founding Fathers or get historical while you’re visiting the big cities, you can enjoy the nostalgic feelings and historical sites throughout the state. Let’s explore some of the most famous places in Pennsylvania together. 

    1. Independence Hall

    Independence Hall is one of the most historical sites in Pennsylvania. This spot is in Philadelphia’s Old City and was once known as the Pennsylvania State House. The Declaration of Independence was adopted at this location, and you can also visit Congress Hall and the National Constitution Center during your trip because all three spots are right next to each other. 

    2. Gettysburg

    You can explore the battlefield of the largest North American battle by visiting Gettysburg. This historical site saw the Battle of Gettysburg between July 1 and July 3, 1863. This devastating fight was a turning point for the Confederacy and was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Today, you can visit Gettysburg to see a visitor center, museum, and heritage center. 

    3. Little Buffalo State Park

    Although no one knows precisely who first inhabited Little Buffalo, many American Indian nations and tribes have populated the area. After the Revolutionary War, farmers settled into the land, and many industries thrived over the following years. Charcoal-making, ironworking, and watermills filled the area at one time. Since 1972, the public has enjoyed the sights of Little Buffalo State Park. 

    4. The Liberty Bell

    While touring the rest of Philadelphia, be sure to stop by the Liberty Bell. This bell was forged in 1752 but arrived in Philly with a crack on the side. After the brilliant minds signed the Declaration of Independence, the Liberty Bell rang through the city to announce to the City of Brotherly Love that a new era had begun. After the end of the Civil War, the Liberty Bell toured the country to unify the North and South. 

    5. Valley Forge

    Valley Forge is outside of Philadelphia, but worth the trip for its historical significance to the Revolutionary War. The British captured Philadelphia during the war, and George Washington and more than 12,000 soldiers left to spend the winter in Valley Forge. Today’s history buffs can explore Washington’s headquarters and log cabins that resemble where the soldiers lived. After exploring the area, many people enjoy going for a hike, watching birds, or enjoying a fishing trip.

    6. Old Economy Village

    This National Historic Landmark tells the story of the Harmony Society. This group of people was one of the most successful religious groups in the 19th century, and they’re also the oldest. Today, Old Economy Village preserves, proclaims, and presents the society’s history. You can tour the exhibits and admire the ability to step back in time to walk through the past.

    learn the story of Milton Hershey in an interactive and exciting way.

    7. Hershey Story Museum

    Chocolate lovers and history buffs can appreciate the Hershey experience. This state-of-the-art facility encourages families and friends to learn the story of Milton Hershey in an interactive and exciting way. When you walk through the galleries, you’ll see five phases of Milton’s life, including how he came to be the famous brand you know and love. You can ride the Hershey’s Chocolate Tour attraction after walking through the galleries and get an authentic view of the making of Hershey’s chocolate. 

    8. The Amish Farm and House

    America’s first Amish attraction has been educating the public since 1955. This historical site in Lancaster invites guests to discover the fascinating life of the Amish people. You’ll begin the historical journey by learning Amish history and participating in a guided house tour. After, you’ll take a relaxing bus ride through the Amish countryside, where you can take pictures and discover Amish businesses. You’ll wrap up the day by exploring a 15-acre farm, where you can pet animals, explore the schoolhouse, ride an Amish scooter, and walk the covered bridge. 

    9. Fallingwater

    Fallingwater is a place for serenity and inspired thinking. Frank Lloyd Wright designed and constructed the Fallingwater house beginning in 1935 and ending in 1937. This building was originally a home for a family but has since become one of the most famous buildings of the 20th century. The house sits above a waterfall, so visitors can always hear the rushing water. The unique colors and construction make it breathtaking, but the staff’s dedication to educating every generation crafts a truly unique and wonderful experience. 

    Educational Vacations

    When you’re choosing places to visit in Pennsylvania, you want to choose somewhere educational and fun so your children can learn and enjoy themselves. Fun opportunities and first-hand experiences work together to create lasting memories your child can take with them through school and life. 

    Emphasizing education on vacations can show your child that learning takes place outside the classroom and encourages them to interact with information in the real world. Balancing relaxation with education is an excellent way to show your children that learning can be fun and help them foster lifelong learning habits. 

    You can turn every vacation into a learning experience if you have the right tools. You can visit national parks during camping and beach trips to learn more about nature and the world around us. You can stop at museums and historical sites on road trips and long drives to your destination. Take a break from the big city you’re exploring to stop by local farms and festivals. No matter what you choose to do, you can blend learning and enjoyment to create a unique experience that captures your child’s attention and promotes learning growth. 

    Learn More About Historical Pennsylvania From CCA

    Learn More About Historical Pennsylvania From CCA

    At Commonwealth Charter Academy, we’re constantly creating enriching experiences for students by bringing their interests into the virtual classroom. We use a personalized learning approach to engage students and craft unique success pathways to their goals. Our teachers collaborate with families to tailor a unique curriculum for each student to ensure they get the most from their education. 

    CCA also offers several hundred socialization opportunities, so students can apply their knowledge and make connections outside the classroom. Our educational trips take students to museums and historical sites that enhance student comprehension and encourage them to have fun. 

    When you enroll your child at CCA, they get more than an education — they receive an unmatched academic experience that blends their interest, goals, and fun in the classroom. Enroll your young learner at CCA and watch as they foster a sense of lifelong learning through dynamic classes and experiences.


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