CCA graduate pursues musical career with release of pop single

Maddie Fidler credits the school's flexible scheduling for allowing her to pursue a music career.

You might want to get used to the name Maddie Fidler – because if her career continues as it has started, you will be hearing it on the radio soon.

A 2016 Commonwealth Charter Academy graduate, Maddie recently released her first single, "Viva World," an upbeat pop song that she hopes will have a global appeal.

Thanks to family and friend connections, the single already has reached audiences in India and Germany – bringing Maddie’s hopes well on their way to becoming reality.

Maddie, who is from Lebanon County, was born to be a performer. She started in the dance studio and quickly took to the stage as she learned piano in kindergarten. She later picked up the guitar, trumpet and ukulele. She added her voice to this growing host of instruments through performances in church choir.

The last piece of the puzzle fell into place in 2015, when Maddie wrote her first song – and her whole idea of the future shifted. “Until that point, I was planning on going to college to become a music teacher," she said. "Once I started writing, everything changed and I knew I wanted to write and record music.”

“It was a big moment for me. I hadn’t started songwriting for 15 years – then all of a sudden, once I got one, I wrote 15 in a month. It took everything to a new level,” she said.

Maddie’s family supported her dreams. She got a manager and became connected to producers who helped to turn her ideas into a tangible product. Because of the growing amount of time Maddie was spending traveling to New York City, her family soon realized that she would need to find a school that could support her hectic lifestyle.

Maddie began CCA as a junior in fall 2015 – and thanks to the school’s flexible scheduling and faculty help, she graduated early with the class of 2016. Her brother, Gavin, is a sophomore at CCA.

“My teachers and principal were fantastic,” Maddie said. “I told them going into it that I really didn’t want to fall behind, and they helped me graduate early. For example, I was not very good at math, so my teacher would often call and help me get through it, telling me, ‘I understand this isn’t your forte. Let me help you so that you can do what you love.’ ”

Now, Maddie does just that: exactly what she loves. She dreams of one day collaborating with big-name artists, receiving a Grammy nomination and touching lives through her relatable music. She is excited to be checking items off her bucket list, such as releasing a single and writing her own music.

Maddie is working on recording the songs for her EP, which she plans to release in 2017. You can download her single on iTunes as well as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and Google Play.