CCA history teacher, Adventure Club coordinator delivers the fun

Becky Mauser engages students and their families in fun outings that promote teamwork and camaraderie.

Becky Mauser has a unique perspective on online education. As a high school history teacher at Commonwealth Charter Academy, she uses technology to awe her students with the amazing people who made America what it is and the places where it happened.

Plus, as a CCA Adventure Club coordinator, she engages students and their families in fun outings that promote teamwork and camaraderie.

On the teaching side, Mauser shows students how to engage with technology. A virtual tour of Independence Hall in Philadelphia introduced students to a landmark of U.S. history where many have never been. She teaches her students that “you don’t just search the internet for YouTube,” she said. “You can get an educational experience and use it wisely.”

Mauser, who teaches out of the Andreas office, recently received her master’s degree in instructional technology from Wilkes University. She said she appreciates the flexibility she has with CCA to pursue an internship to help her earn an instructional technology specialist certification.

Mauser’s postgraduate degree has introduced her to the world of fun, engaging resources available for cyber school teachers, and she is sharing those tools with her CCA colleagues. She taught co-workers about a website that allows them to create interactive, quiz-type reviews so teachers can track progress and help students overcome gaps in their knowledge.

As the Adventure Club coordinator based in the Lehigh Valley, Mauser and her students step away from the computer. Students in grades 7-12 (and sixth grade if they have an older sibling in the club) experience the thrill of such activities like geocaching, ropes courses, escape rooms and whitewater rafting – all while getting exercise and socialization.

Before every event, students do team-building exercises, such as a circle game where each says something related to school, in alphabetical order. If a student misses a turn, they restart at the beginning.

“The kids will encourage one another,” Mauser said. “They don’t want to start again after they got to V.”

Then, the real fun begins. In one recent outing, club members experienced the joy of KnockerBall. That’s the game where players run around while wearing giant, inflated bubbles on their upper bodies. At first, students “would ram into each other and knock each other down,” but then the KnockerBall facility coordinator organized relay races and other team exercises.

Through Adventure Club, “these kids will eventually realize they can use these life skills whether they’re at a job or play on a sports team,” Mauser said.

An Adventure Club staff vs. students kickball game and family picnic that ended the 2015-16 school year was so popular that it returned to “kick off” the 2016-17 school year. CCA staff won the inaugural match.

“We didn’t show them any mercy,” Mauser said. Adventure Club is so fun that some parents use membership as an incentive for their children to maintain good grades and stay on top of their schoolwork. 

CCA offers “a great experience” for students by “preparing them for college or whatever they plan to do after high school,” Mauser said. “They have to learn that independence. They learn how to meet deadlines and be responsible for themselves and their learning.”