CCA senior hosts model horse show fundraiser, raises money for school


​CCA senior LeeAnn Bachman of Monroe County held a model horse show as a fundraiser for CCA and raised more than $500 for the Conservatories.

CCA senior LeeAnn Bachman of Monroe County has been hosting pony shows since she was 14. This year, she decided to run a model horse show as a fundraiser for Commonwealth Charter Academy.

Pocono Ponies Live at CCA was held Oct. 1 in CCA's Andreas office. It was organized just like a real horse show. “People can show their horses in halter classes to exhibit their model alone on the table, or in performance, where the model horse sports handmade miniature tack and is shown as a moment frozen in time of a real horse event,” LeeAnn said. Some collectors buy models to repaint or showcase as is; others sculpt their own horses, cast replicas in resin and have artists paint them.

According to LeeAnn, 25 people registered for the show from states including Delaware, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. It was well attended and raised more than $500 for CCA. In addition to this show, LeeAnn hosts an annual event each May at the Aquashicola Volunteer Fire Company in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

“I’ve been collecting model horses since I was a little girl and became involved in the show circuit in 2013,” said LeeAnn, who has hosted four shows. “My shows have gotten much larger since the first one.”

LeeAnn, who had been planning for this show since May 2015, said several teachers came alongside her to support her vision. “I wanted to work the show around CCA's schedule and what they wanted me to do, but Mr. Rocco Mariano always replied by telling me to do whatever I wanted to do, whatever worked for me. I sent him the seating chart I had made up, and he moved all the tables for me Thursday before the show so I didn't have to,” LeeAnn said.

She worked with another CCA teacher to set the date and get approval on hosting the show at the CCA office, a process she says "was very quick and easy to do, no hassle whatsoever.”

If the idea of a high school student spearheading a large fundraising event seems unusual, well, LeeAnn’s no ordinary student. Although technically a senior, she’s set to graduate a semester ahead of schedule in January. She has been with CCA for five years, and she said it’s the “perfect school for me because I can work at my own pace and choose the courses I want to take. ... I can work ahead so I can work a 40-hour workweek at my job.”

LeeAnn dreams of being a graphic designer, and she is looking into art schools to attend once she graduates. She is considering the possibility of an internship with a local company this winter.

As for more model horse shows in the future? “At this time, it’s up in the air as to whether I do another show or not, but it’s definitely in the cards for next year.”


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