Learner crowned Miss Pocono Outstanding Teen, aspires to be professional dancer — and doctor

Commonwealth Charter Academy junior Sydney Powell is working toward fulfilling her many aspirations — becoming a professional dancer, serving as Miss Pocono Outstanding Teen and eventually attending medical school.

She is a very busy teenager.

Sydney’s biggest dream is to be a Radio City Rockette. Last year, she participated in the Rockettes' Summer Intensive Camp, where she learned the team's routines alongside professional dancers and choreographers. She looks forward to auditioning with the Rockettes when she is older, and she is working hard on her dance skills to make her dream a reality.

Sydney, who lives in Schuylkill County, often spends more than 20 hours a week in the dance studio, training and practicing, helping her to win more than 30 dance titles. She uses her talents to help her community, participating in performances for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, coordinating a dance routine and coloring contest for the American Cancer Society and choreographing an interactive community dance performance.

Sydney also loves science and is planning to attend medical school to become a doctor. Her favorite CCA field trips involve dissecting animals and learning about their anatomy — she has dissected a squid, a turtle and a pig heart. This year, she will take an Advanced Placement biology class.

Finally, Sydney holds the title of Miss Pocono Outstanding Teen after beating veteran competitors during her first time entering the pageant. She competed in June in the Miss Pennsylvania Outstanding Teen pageant.

In addition to all of these activities, Sydney is an advanced student who takes AP U.S history and honors classes.

How does Sydney balance her busy schedule with high school classes? She attends CCA, which allows for flexibility between extracurricular activities and education.

“I dance so much and have a lot of extracurricular activities, so it was difficult for me to go to a regular school," Sydney said. "CCA helps me to do what I love and get a great education. I enjoy the flexibility of being able to dance during the day, work on school at night and vice versa.”

Before enrolling in CCA, Sydney was homeschooled by her parents. She enjoyed homeschooling, but it became difficult for her parents to teach her when some of the subject matter became difficult and intensive. Sydney enjoys having frequent communication with her teachers and likes participating with other students via live lessons.

Sydney enjoys serving as Miss Pocono Outstanding Teen, using her platform to discuss teen relationship abuse.

“It’s a great experience and a great opportunity to win scholarships," she said. "I enjoy the appearances I make and being able to give back and interact with people in my community.”


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