CCA sophomore gymnast nets a spot in college

She’s about to enter her sophomore year of high school, but Commonwealth Charter Academy student Molly Frack already has earned a college scholarship.

Molly, an award-winning gymnast from Northampton County, verbally committed to Louisiana State University and its gymnastics team.

She switched from traditional school to CCA in the fourth grade for the flexibility it gave her to pursue her sport.

“I knew I wouldn’t get as far in gymnastics if I didn’t switch to CCA,” she said. “My coaches knew I could become much more if I could come in the morning and work with the coaches all day. I wanted to become the best I could."

“In the beginning it was a little rough trying to do school at home, but I’ve adjusted well,” she added. “Each year gets better even though the schooling gets harder.”

Molly said one of the coaches for her team, the Parkettes, is an LSU graduate and one of her teammates is a freshman at the Baton Rouge campus.

“If you’re looking at a top-ranked D-I school, you have to get on this right away because they run out of team spots in the school you want to attend.”

Since she made the move to CCA, Molly has trained five days a week during traditional school hours. Her schooling starts around dinnertime and lasts well into the evening.

“Sometimes I get up earlier and work in the morning, but normally I’m too tired,” she said.

CCA gives her the flexibility to work through the weekends and even during traditional vacation days, allowing her to take off school to travel. It’s a balancing act, but with the support of CCA she makes it happen.

Molly caught the gymnastics bug when her brother, an award-winning gymnast, fell in love with the Olympics and took up the sport. After Molly started hanging out at the gym, her mom enrolled her in a class and she loved it.

The flexibility of Molly’s schooling has allowed her to travel to meets as far-flung as California and Montreal. She hopes to travel more extensively this year and focus on gaining more team experience.

Molly is considering studying for a medical profession, and she might go into coaching after college. Whatever she decides, she knows CCA will help her get there.

“Without CCA, I wouldn’t have had enough time to practice in the day and the coaches wouldn’t have had as much time to spend with me,” she said. “I definitely feel like CCA helps me be more responsible and is teaching me how to do things on my own.”


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