CCA graduate is accomplished artist, online entrepreneur

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As a high school graduate, Jen Roth of Chester County is an accomplished artist.

Jen paints, draws and works in a variety of artistic mediums, creating works that have been submitted on a national level and featured in galleries in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. In addition to being an award-winning artist, Jen is a dedicated learner who excels in her honors and Advanced Placement classes and participates in Commonwealth Charter Academy's gifted and talented program.

The CCA learner has a hefty list of accomplishments. Jen is a

  • Member of the Visual and Performing Arts Network
  • Winner of four Scholastic Art Awards
  • Director of her own Etsy shop
  • Member of the Oxford Arts Alliance and the Newark Arts Alliance
  • Solo exhibitor at the Cecil County Arts Council

She switched from public school to CCA when she was in sixth grade, and Jen attended CCA until she graduated early. The online public cyber charter school helped her to balance her art and schoolwork.

“Going to CCA helped me with my art because I could work on art during the daytime and after school hours. It helped me to draw more, paint more and work on my crafts. I really appreciated the flexible schedule and being able to do my different hobbies in addition to my schoolwork.”

Jen’s dedication to her art and schoolwork has paid off. She graduated from CCA a semester early to work on a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a visual arts degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. As a featured solo exhibitor at the Cecil County Arts Council and a winner of local and national art awards, Jen is professionally well-established compared to many of her college-age peers.

Jen would not be where she is today without the help of CCA learners and teachers.

“The Talented Student Network helped me get connected with many different artists and performing artists throughout the U.S.,” Jen said. “I got to talk to different artists who were interested in what I was. I met people from as far away as California and was able to speak to other students who enjoy art and are working on the same things. My mentor, Tabitha Lee, helped me to feel comfortable in being a part of the talent network and helped me apply for scholarships that have gotten my work shown.”

Jen specializes in pet portraits – she creates images of her own dogs and her sister’s dogs, and she is commissioned to create custom portraits. She has an online Etsy site where people send in photos of their pets for her to create renderings that match the images. Jen enjoys depicting the loving companionship between pets and their owners, showing how pets are an important part of the family.

Jen’s favorite part of her art? It’s rewarding. “It’s been great to be able to draw pets because they make me so happy and they make others so happy.”