CCA seventh-grader climbing to new heights

Success Story Michelle

CCA Seventh-grader Climbing to New Heights

Michelle Donaghy is a middle-school student at CCA who lives in Mechanicsburg with her family and their Havanese poodle, Simon.

Michelle might only be in middle school, but she already has had a lot of experience as a CCA learner having been enrolled at the school since kindergarten.

Michelle said she really likes being a cyber school learner because she is able to work at her own pace and without the distraction of a noisy classroom.

As a seventh-grader, Michelle takes math, social studies, science, language arts and physical education, just to name a few courses.

While her course load is big, Michelle is never too busy to tackle a math problem or begin an art project.

“When I draw, I feel relaxed,” Michelle said. “You make your own creation, and you can’t be all huddled up in a corner. There’s endless opportunities in art.”

Besides taking fun and interesting classes, Michelle and her mother, Ana, said CCA is the right fit for Michelle because it gives her flexibility.

During lessons, she can take a break if needed. She also can block out time in her schedule each day to play with, walk and train Simon.

Michelle said her experience at CCA has been nothing short of fantastic.

As a learner, she also likes that her teacher is always there to help and answer questions, but she gets to think through lessons by herself.

“The best part about attending cyber school is that you get to work independently. There aren’t so many distractions like other kids talking around you,” Michelle said. “You can contact your teacher regularly online, even on the weekends.”

Ana said CCA has been a wonderful change for Michelle.

“Michelle can accomplish many things because of her independent schedule,” Ana said. “She has the freedom to train her dog, do gymnastics and enjoy clubs.”

Michelle takes full advantage of the diverse clubs the school offers its learners, especially the CCA Adventure Club.

As a member of the club, Michelle goes on field trips every month with other students who live nearby. Some of those field trips include activities like horseback riding, rock climbing and zip lining.

Recently, Michelle and her CCA classmates traveled to an indoor rock climbing gym in Carlisle where she tried to climb the gym’s highest wall – which might have just been a bit too ambitious for Michelle. Michelle only made it halfway up the wall, but she really enjoyed the workout. Next time, she plans to make it all the way up to the top!

While Michelle said rock climbing was a blast, her favorite CCA Adventure Club outing was zip lining at Roundtop Mountain in York County.

“I have a fear of heights,” Michelle said. “It (zip lining) was a new experience for me.”


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