Mom values support network CCA provides new families

Family Services Department and other support staff help ease transition to cyber school at CCA.

Tunisia and her husband sacrificed a lot to send their children to private school because they wanted to provide their kids with the best education possible. Her daughter was shy and quiet in school. Tunisia didn’t feel like her son was getting the support he needed to succeed.

“The issues that we ran into specifically with my son originally, I just felt like he wasn’t getting the amount of information that he needed,” Tunisia said. “In a classroom full of 30-plus children, my son needed more one-on-one attention and he just wasn’t receiving that there.”

So Tunisia, who lives in Philadelphia, started researching other school options to educate her children. She started looking into cyber schools and had a friend with children enrolled at CCA.

“Honestly, I chose CCA because my best friend had been educating her kids with CCA for five or six years,” Tunisia said. “She was doing an amazing job. Her kids were on the ball education wise. I felt like they were so far ahead of other kids in their age category. She definitely encouraged me to move forward with that process.”

CCA provided Tunisia’s family with the one-on-one attention she was craving for her children. She liked that live classroom sessions are available to her children and feels that teachers do a great job communicating with parents.

“The teachers actually reach out to the students on a weekly basis and if necessary they will spend a lot of one-on-one time with them. I think that’s amazing,” Tunisia said.

That’s not to say that there weren’t some initial anxieties with how cyber school would work for her kids. Many families need to learn how to facilitate learning in a cyber setting, which is why having such a strong support network is key.

Tunisia said that her Family Mentor really helped explain how cyber school at CCA works and helped guide her through the initial growing pains.

“The support that CCA offers for families that are transitioning, I’m not sure that happens at any other virtual school but I think that what we have here the program is pretty exceptional,” Tunisia said. “With having someone who has gone through that process guide a new family through that process I think that kind of saved me my first year here.”

Tunisia loves that she can take an active role in her children’s education education. As a busy working mom, she has a lot to manage. Having a strong support system at CCA helps Tunisia navigate her busy schedule and she credits her Family Mentor for helping her establish her cyber routine.

“I’m juggling a lot of plates just like you. But I’m here and I’m doing it,” she said. “I think for the most part parents need to see that they’re not alone. They see that if someone else in a similar position is doing it and doing OK, I can probably do it, too. I think that encapsulates the role for a Family Mentor.”

Tunisia’s journey at CCA began with her son. He started in fifth grade and was eager to give cyber school a chance. When her daughter graduated eighth grade, she told Tunisia that she also wanted to go to CCA.

“She wanted to graduate earlier and I don’t know if she still wants to do that with the workload that she has to do in order to do so,” Tunisia said. “But the second part is she had a safety concern with high schools and that kind of broke my heart honestly. To hear a kid say that they’re concerned about their safety in a school environment is just heartbreaking.”

Tunisia loves that her children can learn from the safety of her home. She also likes to take them to the Family Service Center in Philadelphia a few days a week.

“I need my kids to be in an environment where they can actually focus on their education and their learning,” Tunisia said. “That’s paramount to me.”

Tunisia said she has seen her children thrive at CCA. She loves that the school provides her kids with a variety of class offerings and the diversity of the curriculum.

“I believe the main I value most about CCA is the opportunity to be yourself within the school,” Tunisia said. “You can also incorporate your own lessons into your kids’ curriculum for their education. I think that’s important because you can have a say in what you want your kids to learn.”

Tunisia also needs to travel a lot with her job. With her students enrolled at CCA, they can take education with them on the road.

“We travel a lot. We take our kids on the road with us a lot,” Tunisia said. “They are able to do their schoolwork in a car. They’re able to do in a hotel room, wherever there’s wifi or internet. They’re able to stop a lesson and pick up where they left off without it affecting their grade or their attendance. With CCA, the flexibility works with our family in the way that we operate.”

In addition to the teachers at CCA, Tunisia also credits the wonderful support staff who help educate her kids. The Family Service Centers offer success coaches who help provide extra help for students who might be struggling in class. The Family Services Department also is available to help families navigate challenges and is responsible for organizing more than 500 educational field trips across the state for students to learn and interact with their peers.

“There’s definitely a supportive net that is available so that no family should be falling through the cracks,” Tunisia said. “So if that was someone’s concern, I think they need to know that they literally will have someone that is guiding them through the process. They’re not doing this by themselves.

“I’m thankful for CCA and I’m an advocate. I believe that this school definitely does what it says it’s going to do for the families that it serves.”


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