Enrollment center benefits from help of CCA graduate

When Commonwealth Charter Academy learners graduate, it doesn’t mean they leave the CCA family. CCA alumna Rachael Hoffman joined the workforce after graduating in 2013 and has circled back to her alma mater, helping families learn how to enroll in CCA as a team member in the enrollment center.

Rachael found CCA after seeking an alternative route from her local high school and immediately fell in love with the school and the flexibility that CCA offers learners and their families.

Rachael worked two jobs while finishing her senior year, and she said the ability to work ahead and complete her assignments at times that fit best with her busy schedule was an important benefit of choosing CCA.

“CCA made it a lot easier to find my own balance,” she said.

After spending nearly three years in the workforce, Rachael is back at CCA, serving families in the enrollment center.

Rachael and her team talk with families who desire to enroll in CCA or want to learn more about the school while exploring their options. As the “go-to” employee to answer in-depth questions about CCA, Rachael said her fellow team members often ask for her expertise to provide clarity to families who call with questions about what it’s like to attend a public cyber charter school.

Knowing families sometimes do not have time to complete the enrollment process in one sitting, Rachael and her team conduct follow-up calls with interested families once a week to keep them on track. The enrollment center answers nearly 100 calls a day and makes almost 400 follow-up calls to check in on families who have not completed the enrollment process.

“We want to make sure you get everything on time, just like the teachers and administrators at CCA, we care that your child gets a high-quality education,” she said. “We want to help reduce your stress.”

Six teams work in CCA’s enrollment center, and each is designated to answer calls from families who live in a specific region of the state. Rachael is part of a team that takes calls from the Southeast region.

“Each team has its own region so we can provide more personal care. That way, people know who they are speaking with every time they call in, and they get to know who they’re talking to,” Rachael said. “They know their information is safe, and they know they can trust us.”

Rachael said she loves working with CCA families and making them feel comfortable and informed. She uses her experience as a former CCA learner to give insights and advice to families who are considering enrolling at CCA.

Rachael understands the questions new families have when considering a switch to a public cyber charter school, and she is positioned to explain how CCA differs from other cyber charter schools based on her own experience. She also understands that parents can sometimes get confused using technology and will have questions.

Rachael said she treasures creating relationships with the families because she knows she plays a role in getting students the best education possible.

“I feel like I am able to help people feel more comfortable because I’ve been there and I can share my experience with them,” she said.

When she’s not at the enrollment center, Rachael works toward her dream of becoming a film director. She frequently writes scripts and is working on a comic book she hopes to make into a film one day. She is saving money to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of the Arts for film and directing. Rachael said CCA gave her the independence and flexibility to follow her dream of directing.

“CCA makes you more of an individual. You learn how to get things done on your own, and they give you course work that’s preparing you for college-level classes,” she said. “They give you the chance to take electives that cater to your own personal career path, which other schools don’t offer.”


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