CCA’s gifted program allows learners to move ahead in strong subjects

Sebastian Evans is a third-grader at Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) who has always been ahead academically in math and reading, according to his mother, Jennifer Evans.

When Sebastian joined CCA, the program met him at his speed and allowed him to move ahead in his gifted subjects while remaining on track with others.

“Having a gifted program that’s finally challenging him now is incredible. He now has the flexibility to move ahead, which is what makes CCA a great fit,” Jennifer said.

CCA teachers are specially trained to teach online. With our emphasis on personalized learning, teachers take the time to get to know each student personally in order to work with their preferred learning style and interests. The personalized approach enables families to form a productive schedule that works best for them.

“My teacher is awesome and so much fun. She helps me to learn a lot,” said Sebastian, who communicates with his teacher primarily through regular phone calls.

“The teachers at CCA are fantastic,” Jennifer added. “They work with you one-on-one in a live lesson room, provide great feedback and go above and beyond to serve the kids.”

Being able to work under a flexible schedule allows the family time for fun trips: Sebastian’s favorite recent adventure was going snow tubing and riding the family size tubes.

Beyond his gifts in math and English, the challenging curriculum at CCA gives him space to fully engage in different subjects. His favorite subject is science because of the labs that include student participation.

Sebastian gets in touch with his creative side by participating in art classes and experimenting with painting, creating crafts, making masks and clay pots. But his favorite thing about being a CCA learner is being able to spend more time with family – and not have to make the early morning trip to school.


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