CCA middle school learner is national figure skating champion

When figure skater and Commonwealth Charter Academy eighth-grader Reagan Scott steps onto the ice, the crowd is captivated.

At the 2016 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Reagan sped and spun around the ice to an instrumental version of “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” beaming at the crowd in her country-style dress and engaging fans with her bubbly, high-energy performance. She wowed the judges, earning a national title and winning a bronze medal in the juvenile category.

Reagan’s win in the national competition was an impressive accomplishment for a 12-year-old. She had to win three local and regional competitions to qualify for the prestigious national championship.

Off the ice, Reagan, of Lancaster County, is a dedicated athlete who trains for hours each day, completing rigorous dance, cardio and skating workouts. She also is a devoted honors student who completes coursework online at CCA to give her more time for figure skating practice and lessons.

CCA’s flexible schedule has made the difference in developing Reagan’s skating talents.

“I needed more time to skate. I did not have time after school for private lessons with my coach. I would be skating at a much lower level today if not for CCA, because I would not have lots of time for lessons and practice.”

Reagan attends skating lessons and training sessions during the day and does her schoolwork in the afternoon, evenings and between practices. If Reagan were enrolled in a traditional public school, she would be limited to shorter, less intensive evening practices.

For Kelly Scott, her daughter’s triumphs are a result of hard work and the right school choice.

“Reagan is very competitive,” Kelly Scott said. “She has very high expectations for herself. There is no way she would be able to train and develop her skills as a skater the way she does if she were not a CCA student. The school does such a good job in catering to her practice schedule.”

Kelly said flexibility was not the only factor in her family’s CCA choice.

While CCA learners have teachers and visit Family Service Centers for science labs and extra help sessions, their parents function as learning coaches at home. Kelly likes that she and her husband can be involved in Reagan’s education.

Kelly said Reagan benefits from CCA’s gifted program, too. It caters to learners by offering them personalized plans so they can work above their grade levels if they learn at an accelerated pace.

Reagan, whose interests are in math and science, is an advanced learner.

“Reagan was lost in a traditional school setting,” Kelly Scott said. “CCA’s curriculum allows her to make the most of her potential.”

Reagan plans on continuing to figure skate throughout high school, and she is happy she can pursue the passion she’s had since she was 3.

“I love performing because you get to entertain the audience, engage them with facial expressions, music and your personality.”


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