Commonwealth Connections Academy To Change Name

CCA continues to evolve as a Pennsylvania-based public cyber charter school


Commonwealth Connections Academy (CCA), a public cyber charter school with more than 9,000 students in Pennsylvania, is changing its name to Commonwealth Charter Academy.

Dr. Maurice “Reese” Flurie, CEO, said the name change reflects the evolution of the public cyber charter school over the past 13 years. CCA is a fully independent public cyber charter school governed by a Pennsylvania-based board of directors. Flurie said CCA is seeking the best opportunities for its Pennsylvania families and will no longer exclusively rely on an out-of-state, national educational management company, Connections Education, for the majority of its services to meet student needs.

“Commonwealth Charter Academy will continue to provide innovative educational opportunities for our learners and their families,” Flurie said. “This transition will allow us the flexibility to find the best methods to serve our Pennsylvania families with our Pennsylvania teachers and staff.”

Flurie said CCA is committed to making the transition seamless for its learners, families, and staff. Flurie said the school will keep the same curriculum and programs, including the successful CCA Conservatory Programs aimed at science, technology, and the arts.

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